Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Short Story: Innocence Collared

First published in 'Scene Magazine'

Aamil stepped into a narrow alley and leant his head back against the dusty wall.  His friends were back at the hotel, sleeping off the affects of a zibib hangover.  Their behaviour had embarrassed him in front of the locals at the bar last night.  Demeaning the middle-aged belly dancer whilst imbibing too much of the local tipple seemed to come as second nature to them.  They knew he wouldn’t drink because of his religion but they always had to push it and now Aamil did not feel like getting them another cup of apple tea.  He had slipped out and left the fetid hotel room to their wretching.  Although he knew he would find them at the drink again as soon as the sun started to go down.  This holiday to Cairo was a mistake.
Aamil had hoped that the ally would give some relief from the midday sun but the heat absorbed throughout the morning now oozed from the bricks like starch from cooked rice.  He turned a corner, hoping to find some refuge from the traffic honk mania of the street.  In the dead end there were market stalls with blue and red canopies draped like flags, fading under the sun.  A white, canvas tent hung in the corner.  He wandered up to the closest stall, piled high with fruit and vegetables.  He wondered if he could get a watermelon slice to alleviate the roasted peanut dryness of his mouth.
‘Anything I can help with?’
Warm skin brushed against his bare arm and gold bangles clinked.  He looked up into her almond shaped eyes, huge and rimmed with khol black lashes.  She wore a shiny belly-dancing outfit but she looked much better in it than the woman that his friends had teased last night.  She put her finger under his chin, ruffling his beard and gently pushed his mouth closed.
‘Anything at all?’
She picked up a carrot from the stall.  It was bulbous, shaped like a cock.  Her pink tongue emerged slowly from between her full lips and she licked its stem gazing into his eyes.  Laughter bubbled in his chest but he let it out as a harsh cough.  He looked down, wondering what his family would say or do in this situation.  They would be ashamed to see this.  He shuffled thinking that he should walk away but as he looked down, he noticed that all the vegetables were shaped like genitals.  If not naturally that way, they were carved or arranged deliberately into those shapes; aubergines arranged with strategically placed plums, sweating asparagus tips, watermelons with cherries pinned to the arc of their swelling.  He felt fascination grip him like a vice stopping him in his tracks.  He heard himself say;
‘I would like some watermelon, please.’
She stretched out her hand to him.  He felt like he would remember every line on her palm.
‘We have some already sliced, inside.  Come with me, sir.’
Aamil took her hand, barely caring that his was clammy and she led him, almost staggering past the other stalls.
As she towed him behind her past the other stalls he noticed that one stall was loaded with images of nude women, both painted and photographed.  The next stall was covered with leather restraints and all types of whip and the other with provocative costumes, which gleamed like the shell of a beetle.
‘Is this the red light district?  I didn’t mean to wander this way.  I just want some watermelon!’
He let go of her hand but she grinned like a predator and grabbed his wrist.
‘If you need refreshment, come with me.’
His legs felt tired, his head swam in the heat and her full buttocks swayed magnificently.  He let her lead him into the tent.  He sighed in the cool shade and waited for the graininess to clear from his vision after the brightness of the outside world.
‘Take your sandals off.’  She instructed.
He frowned at her lack of manners but gratefully accepted her order when he saw the lush Arabian patterned carpet underfoot.
‘I don’t want a carpet.  Do you understand me?  I just want some fruit.’
She smirked at him and pulled off her headscarf, allowing her black hair to curl down to her waist, flowing like black treacle.  She raised her chinking bangle covered arm and clicked her fingers.  He shrugged and backed away, panic fluttering in him like a newly caged bird.
‘I don’t have enough money on me for these and besides; my baggage allowance wouldn’t be enough for a carpet.  There’s no need to fetch anyone else.’  He babbled.
Two girls, younger than the first stepped into the tent from behind him.  They grasped his arms above the elbow.  The fingers of their cool hands dug into him as they drove him into the doorway and across the carpet.  The black haired woman laughed and stepped backwards, motioning with her hands as if pulling him on a rope.  They pushed him into a mountain of silk cushions at the side of the tent.  Aamil landed face first and they giggled as he righted himself.  He brushed off his shoulders, sulking because of their rough treatment.   He tucked his feet under aiming to stand and leave but the woman put her hand heavily on his shoulder.
‘No, you must stay.  We have things to show you.’  Her hand crept up the back of his neck and into his hair like a spider and then her fist clenched, pulling his head back by the roots of his hair, ‘I am Safwah and these are my young pupils Lunah and Tanisha.  You are just what we have been waiting for.’
Safwah stretched back to her girl, still holding him by the hair.  The girl handed her a short strip of leather with a buckle.  Aamil felt its rough edges as she fastened it around his neck.  His hands flew up to it pulling on it to search for the buckle but she quickly attached a padlock that hung in the hollow of his throat.
‘What do you want of me?’  He demanded half angry, half whining.
‘Almost done.’  She mused, fastening a lead to the collar on his neck, ‘There, you will do.’
Safwah handed the end of the lead to the one she had called Tanisha.
‘For me?’ gasped Tanisha, accepting the lead with reverence.
The other girl folded her arms and tossed her head proudly.
‘You can hold him for now, Tanisha but he is for all of us to play with.  Don’t worry Lunah you will have your turn too.’
Aamil felt too flustered to simply take the lead off the collar.  He held his hands out to them,
‘What on earth is going on?  Have you mistaken me for someone else?  What do you want?’  He pleaded.
Aamil fidgeted, fighting the instinct to try to get to his feet once more.  He knew that he would only be pushed down.  Safwah turned to him and put her finger on his lips.
‘Shh!  Little one, just relax and enjoy our company for now.  Sit back, please.’
Lunah and Tanisha sat down on either side of him.  Tanisha still had his lead looped over her wrist.  They each took one of his hands and shuffled into place.  They put his hands high up between their legs.  The silks there were already damp and heat pulsed from both of them into his cupped palms.
‘Open your mouth.’ Ordered Safwah.
He did as she requested and she poured water into him from a canteen.  She splashed some over herself and shook herself off, water droplets flying from her hair like spray from a waterfall.  Safwah began to dance, humming to herself as she did so.  The girls joined her, creating an eerie lilt that harmonised in the still air.  Safwah’s bare torso writhed and bucked as water mixed with sweat ran in rivulets across her taut stomach.  The girls swayed, rubbing their aroused pussies on the heels of his hands, becoming hotter than he would have though possible without reaching boiling point, their tune became a groan as they lost themselves to arousal.  Aamil shifted, trying to get comfortable as his cock rose in his trousers, rubbing against the tight material.  He stared at Safwah, unable to unglue himself from the peculiar situation he found himself in.  Lunah grabbed him by the beard and turned his head toward her.
‘Little one, watch this!’  She smiled.
She let his hand drop from between her thighs and knelt down in front of her mistress.
‘I want to play with the new toy.’ Lunah looked up at her belly-dancing mistress.
‘Well, lets see if you can impress me and him and maybe I will let you.’
Tanisha pulled her waistband away from herself and placed Aamil’s hand on her shaved smooth pussy lips.  He tried to pull his and away but she shook her head and pulled his hand down by the wrist with a smile.  As soon as his fingers started to slide on her oily wetness he dug into her with a grunt, his shame deserting him, his cock leaking.
‘Look at Safwah.’  Tanisha pointed.
Safwah was naked now, from the waist down.  Her wide trousers lay in a blue silken pool to her side.  Lunah slurped on her mistress, whirling her tongue into the folds of her pussy.  Safawah’s knees buckled and her head hung back.  She steadied herself by pulling Lunah’s head into her.  She rested both her hands on the girl’s head and thrust herself back and forth.  Her eyes were squeezed shut.  Aamil’s finger found Tanisha’s vagina, she yelped with pleasure as she pushed her burning, tight muscles over his finger.  He could feel the slick tightness contracting.  Safwah shouted as she came on Lunah’s face, pussy juices ran down the inside of her thighs and sprayed into a dark patch on the carpet between her feet.
‘How good was that?’  Asked Lunah, still on her knees.
Safawah straightened up.
‘I would say almost too good, girl.’ She stepped around her disappointed servant and approached Aamil, ‘I need to fuck him now but don’t worry, I won’t leave you cold.’
Aamil felt goose bumps rise in a wave along his arms and a cold dribble of sweat trickled from under the collar and snaked down his back.  He pulled his hand away from Tanisha.  His cock lost its erection.
‘I don’t want to fuck anyone.  Look, girls, it’s been great…’
‘He’s mine at the moment!’ Interrupted Tanisha.
She brandished the lead.
‘I want to go first!’  Complained Lunah
‘Stop it, all of you!  I’m a virgin!’  Shouted Aamil.
There was a pause as all the girls looked at him, their mouths little o’s of shock and delight.  All the women smiled at him and then glared at each other.  Tanisha grabbed him by the collar, Lunah grabbed the lead and Safwah fell down on top of him, straddling him.  She was the eldest and the strongest.  Safwah, slapped Tanisha who fell back clutching her stinging cheek.  She ripped Lunah’s headscarf off and grasped her by the hair.
‘Behave, both of you.’ She hissed, ‘Remember who you belong to.’
Safwah, let Lunah go and set to unzipping Aamil’s trousers.
‘Now, look, Safwah or whatever your name is,’ He attempted to reason, ‘Like I said, it’s been fun but…’
She pulled his trousers free of his legs, her face set with determination.  His cock and balls were exposed, stuck to his leg.  He felt himself flush from his chest to the tips of his ears.
‘Look, I’m not even hard at the moment.  I told you I wasn’t…’
‘Lunah, Tanisha, come here and show me what you have learned so far.’
Lunah crawled to him and grasped his cock at the base.  Her tongue bathed him and then she sucked on him.  His resistance failed him again as his cock grew hard in her mouth.  His left hand was pushed back between Tanisha’s thighs and this just served to increase his arousal.  Lunah’s mouth popped off the top of his now erect cock.  Safwah pushed Lunah away.
‘Get in position, girl.’
Lunah obediently took Aamil’s hand and put it on her bare pussy.  Lunah and Tanisha nodded to each other and Aamil felt them take his fingers up inside themselves together.  His cock bobbed in front of him.
‘Please…please…’ He mumbled but he was no longer sure what he wanted.
Safwah took his erection and rubbed the sensitive tip against her clitoris.  She moved and put him against the entrance to herself.
‘No, no!’
He blinked back tears.  His whole body shuddered, longing for her but he hated himself for it.  She slipped down with a smile and he was inside with one motion.  His heartbeat roared in his ears like the rush of a wave over him.
‘Your mouth says no but your body says yes.  I know which I prefer to listen to.’
He nodded, gasping like a fish out of water.
‘Now, here are the rules of the game, girls you listen up too.’  She bobbed up and down on him as she spoke, ‘If you can make the girls come before you do then I will happily let you come inside me and you can watch them get the thrashing they deserve.  If you come first, you take the thrashing.  Are we clear?’
The irritation showed on the girl’s faces but they nodded their agreement.  Safwah began to ride him hard, distracting him from his assigned task completely as her pussy gripped and stroked the entire length of him.
‘I can’t…’
‘Wriggle your fingers, like this.’
Safwah demonstrated a come hither motion with her index finger.  He tried it immediately and the girls both writhed and bucked.  Safwah cackled at their discomfort.  She gripped the flesh of his hips and drove herself ever harder onto him.  His breathing stuck in his throat and his mouth dried out.  His balls rose high up into him.  The inevitable surging feeling came over him, just like it did every time he wanked off.  He fought with himself, searching for something else to think about than the tight, flowing pussy that engulfed him and the writhing women on his hands but no other thoughts came to him.  She slowed her rhythm, teasing him at the point before his orgasm.  He teetered on the knife-edge of ejaculation, his body screaming in frustration.  Their voices rose together in a howl.  Their screams fed off each other like vampires.  Aamil gave in to the sensations and came into Safwah, his hips bucking fast and the scene behind his eyelids filled with white lights.  He felt the two girls on his hands spasm to the same rhythm and a split second later Safwah’s cunt sucked him up into her in waves of clenching that gave him overwhelming pleasure.  He opened his eyes to see that the women were grasping each other’s hands and his shoulders.  Their faces were flushed and passionate.
‘I suppose we all failed there.’ Smiled Safwah.
She levered herself up on her girls and he snaked out of her.  The girls took his hands from between their thighs.  Aamil sat back a moment, taking deep breaths.
‘Can we keep him?’  Asked Lunah,
‘Yes, please can we?’ Rejoined Tanisha.
Aamil looked around at them and then tried to stand.  The collar jerked on his neck and he was forced to his knees.  Safwah was holding the loop of the lead.  She looked into his eyes,
‘Do you wish to stay?’
He put his hand up to the padlock on the collar and shook his head.
‘I have to get back to my…my friends.’
The drunken, embarrassing antics of the night before seemed weeks ago in that moment.
‘You really want to leave us?’  Asked Tanisha.
The tent smelled of fresh sex and leather.  The colours of the bright carpets seemed to glow.  The women were beautiful in their sex tossed disarray.
‘I don’t, really.’
Lunah and Tanisha stroked his chest with painted fingernails, almost purring in their delight.
‘Wait a moment…Your friends?  Men or women?  How many of them?’  demanded Safwah.
‘Three men, why?’
‘Stop distracting him, girls!’
They moved away much to his disappointment.
‘Would they come here with you?  The three men?’
He nodded slowly, wondering which was the right answer to allow him to stay a little longer.
Before he could speak again, he had found himself outside the tent in the twilight, trousers bundled in his arms, collar still padlocked around his neck.
‘Bring them tomorrow.’  Safwah had ordered, before fastening the tent up with finality.
Aamil had walked back to the hotel slowly that evening, stopping to watch the blood red sunset descend over the tall buildings of the city.  He thought hard about how to get the guys to go to the women without embarrassing him but he was at a loss.  He was not even sure that it was safe but these concerns faded into insignificance when he touched the collar.  He did not know how he would explain it to them but no one could make him take it off now.

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