Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Games at the Tease Casino Part 3

After a cup of tea taken under a thick blanket on Mr. Winter’s sofa, he gave her the choice of where to sleep for the night.  There was his bed, chained and on a rug at the bottom of his bed or his cage.  Jessica was sat in the cage, seemingly of her own volition.  She had been there about an hour.  In the darkened room with only candle-light emanating from black church candles placed on holders around the walls to keep her company she thought back over her conversation with Mr. Winters which had led her to this position.
‘It seems that the answer would be simple for you.’
He had interrupted as she opened her mouth to reply that she would like to sleep in the warmth and comfort of his bed with his body pressed against hers for company.
‘It is not so simple as it first appears,’ He continued, ‘If you sleep in my bed, it will certainly be the most comfortable option.  However, I will spend the night seducing you, tormenting you with my hands and my other parts and I will ensure that you have no release and that will just be the beginning of your frustrations.’
‘I’ll sleep chained at the end of your bed.’  Jessica replied, firmly.
‘Of course you may, my rug is reindeer hide, silky and warm to sleep on and I shall be close by.  However, I will spend all night seducing you with my conversation and the temptation to touch yourself will be unbearable.  Trust me, if you do touch yourself without my permission, you will end up in the cage in any case and earn my displeasure.’
‘I’ll be uncomfortable in the cage.’
‘In one sense that’s true but not in other ways.  Come with me, I’ll show you.’

The candles on the walls flickered, there must be a breeze coming through an open window somewhere in the house.  She shivered and the bells on her nipple clamps jingled.  She was knelt up, her feet cuffed to the bottom of the cage and her hands cuffed and chained to the top.  Mr. Winters had placed nipple clamps with little bells on her nipples, telling her to ring if she required any assistance during the night.  This was, in his opinion the easiest option for her because she would not have to put up with him seducing her during the night.  The other advantage he had indicated was that it was impossible to touch herself no matter how turned on she may be and how tempting it might feel to slip a moistened finger between her pussy lips and rub hard and fast before he could catch her.  Unfortunately sleep was impossible in her predicament.  He would be expecting her to ring her bells for him sooner rather than later.  Jessica was determined not to give him that satisfaction too early.  She examined her bonds but the buckles on the cuffs were impossible to undo with her hands restrained so far apart.  She wondered if she could push her hips up to her hand because she was convinced that if she could just massage her clitoris for a moment, she could relieve the mounting tension in her cunt.  She contorted herself this way and that but the way her ankles were restrained made pushing her hips against anything but thin air impossible.  She sighed and knelt still for a moment, determined to just wait it out.  She closed her eyes.  Five minutes later her eyes flew open again.  She was sure she could hear something, a banging noise.  Perhaps it was just the central heating.  Her knees hurt.  He couldn’t really expect her to kneel like this all night.  Jessica gave in.  She shimmied, jiggling her breasts and the bells tinkled, they sounded high and loud in the quiet.  She waited, still for moment, listening for his footsteps on the stairs or coming across the landing.  When she heard nothing, she wriggled more vigorously, screwing up her face with the pain as the clamps bit into her soft nipples.  She waited again and this time, she heard the thud of his slippers on the carpet, unhurried, progressing toward the door.  He appeared wearing a silk dressing gown over check pyjamas and sat down on the floor beside the cage.  He looked into the corner of the room.
‘You rang?’
Still he didn’t turn.  For a moment Jessica thought she could lie and say that she hadn’t meant to call him at all and had made a mistake.  He seemed lost in thought. 
‘I think so.’  She ventured.
‘Did you or did you not ring for me, Jessica?’ 
‘Did I wake you?’
Finally he looked at her, his blue eyes pale as milk in the half-light.
Jessica tested her bonds again, her hands clenching into fists.    She wouldn’t have claimed to know him but his monosyllabic approach was hardly characteristic.
‘I don’t know.  I moved a bit.’ 
He tilted his head to one side and observed her.  His expression gave nothing away.  He looked relaxed and focused.
‘Tell me the truth.’  He requested quietly.
Jessica turned her head, avoiding his eyes.  He seemed so intense all of a sudden.
‘I think I might have just moved around too much by mistake.’  She whimpered.
He stood and made his way across the room, out of sight.  The candles went out and the room was blinked into blackness.
‘Remember, you chose this.’  She heard his voice to her right.
Her senses were on fire, she felt more helpless than ever; there was no give in her bonds and she was trapped in a cage in the darkness of the house of dangerous stranger.  If only she had been sensible and just waited in silence until the morning.  Mr. Winters would surely have let his guard slip at some point and allowed her the chance to escape at some point.  Her mind switched back to the weight of the boss on her prostrate form behind the blue velvet curtain.  How frightened she had been and yet how aroused she had become by the tease of the clit sucking he gave her.  Perhaps even if she had the chance to escape, she would remain a prisoner, just to see what would happen to her next.  Where the journey would lead her, to find out what was on the other side of her fear.
‘What do you mean?’  She called into the blackness. 
She couldn’t even see the cage bars in front of her face.
‘You chose to lie to me, even when I specified that you should tell me the truth.  I was going to give you a treat.’ 
He was closer now, she could feel his breath on her face but he was as invisible as a ghost.
‘If you lie to me, you need to learn that you get a trick.’
There was a flash.  Jessica wondered if he had taken a photograph but there had been a buzz rather than the noise of the shutter closing.  Then it came again, something metal sparking off the bars of the cage.  Mr. Winters’ face was lit from below for a moment; he was smiling, a blue demon in the electric light.  Metal sparked against metal, miniature fork lightening crackling on the cage bars.  Images of convicts spasming in the electric chair flashed through her mind.  She didn’t want that to be her.  There was no escape, her bonds were firm, the cage was locked and he seemed intent on electrocuting her with the sparking metal in his hand. 
‘It’s a good job for you that you didn’t move around too much and touch the bars of the cage.  They have been electrified all this time.’
There was a pain on her ribs.  It felt hot and sharp, like a cut.  Jessica yelped in fear and pain.
‘No, please stop.’
‘I told you to remember that you chose this by lying to me.  This is the consequence.’
She shook her head in the darkness.  No one could be expected to endure this torture.  If he cut her again, she was sure that she would bleed to death.
‘You’re cutting me!  You’ll scar me!’
He laughed.  Her blood pounded in her ears.
‘Am I cutting you?’  He teased.
A sharp slash across her stomach.  White-hot pain drilling through her insides.  She roared out a scream.  Sweat trickled between the cheeks of her buttocks.  She was sure she could feel wetness running down her thighs and pooling around her knees.
‘I’ll bleed to death.  Please stop!’
He chuckled again.
‘Will you?  I am merciful, I’ll give you a quick death and slit your throat, rather than leaving you to bleed to death from a gut wound.’
Jessica’s terror transported her from her body.  She felt as though she was looking down on herself from above.  She could hear her own screams, ringing out horror film sharp and hear his laughter as dark as any villain.  The blow came across her neck brisk and almost painless in comparison to the other strikes.  Her throat closed up on itself, she could feel her mouth stretched wide but no sound came out. 

Time seemed to stop.  Jessica couldn’t tell if her eyes were open or closed in the blackness.  She wondered if she would see the light coming toward her as described on a psychic TV programme she saw once or perhaps her life would flash before her eyes.  Perhaps death was nothing but the oldest clichĂ© in the book.  Nothing happened, only stillness and darkness.  Her consciousness returned to her body which felt as though it had been pounded with hailstones.  The grind of her stiff knees on the floor of the cage and the pull of air into her lungs made her realise, she was still alive.  Mr. Winters lit the candles on the walls.  Jessica was shaking, her legs wobbling underneath her, her head rushing as if she was underwater.
‘How did I survive?’
She could hardly keep the grin from her face, she was so grateful for her intact body with all its aches and pains.  Mr. Winters sat beside the cage.  He held up a machete.
‘It’s blunt.’ He explained, ‘But when it has electricity running through it,’
He pushed the blade through the bars and ran the tip down her thigh.  She squealed through closed lips, as it seemed to cut into her flesh.
‘It feels as though it is cutting you.’
The blunt blade left a red mark on her thigh but did not penetrate.  The beads of blood that she had expected to see simply weren’t there.
‘Doesn’t it?’
Jessica nodded, her eyes wide and shocked.
‘That’s how you survived.  You were never in any danger.  I would never really harm you.’
He reached through the bars and stroked her face.  Electricity prickled against her cheek.  His reassurance made her shudder even more.
‘How is your touch electrified?’ 
‘I’ll show you how it’s done tomorrow but for now, please oblige me?  I can’t keep my hands off your delectable pussy a moment longer.’
He pulled on a velvet glove then reached back through the bars.  As he ran his sharp, electric touch up the inside of her thigh, she was shocked to find that her cunt was swollen and her pussy lips were slipping over each other.  They were slicked and ready for him.  Her helplessness and her fear felt as if they had been channelled into her sex.  His velvet fingers sparked off her engorged lips, making her jump and yet long for more.  He sought out her clitoris and pinched it.  The pain of the electricity earthing itself through her most sensitive spot caused her to writhe uncontrollably.  Her body craved orgasm, her cunt clenched but the sharp pain was maddeningly distracting.
‘Please, stop the pain, I need to come!’
Even as she begged it was as if the pain was fuelling her arousal.  Every touch stung like a wasp and yet brought her spiralling up toward the loss of control she needed.  He took his hands away from her cunt abruptly and teased her hard nipples with the back of his hands.  It felt as though tiny teeth were biting them.
‘ May I come?  I wouldn’t tell anyone.’  She groaned, through deep breathes.
He took his hands away and looked down his nose at her.  Her teeth were almost chattering in frustration.  She wanted so badly to have some release from the waves of ecstacy that tormented her cunt.
‘You must learn about honesty.’  He remarked, disappointingly.
Mr. Winters put his tight red gloved hand through the bars toward her face.
‘Take off my glove.’
She tugged at the material near the fingers with her teeth.
‘That will be my gift to you,’ He continued as she removed one glove and he took it from her mouth, ‘I will teach you integrity.  Did you know that your greatest tools for doing anything in this life are sincerity and action.’
Jessica considered this supposition as she pulled off his other glove.
‘Now that you have realised the value of your life, having thought you had lost it, I’m sure you want to make the most of what you have left of it?’
‘Yes, I do.  Of course I do.’
‘You say “of course” and yet you only seem to live for the here and now.  I think you lack confidence in the future and I intend to remedy that.’
Jessica could not fathom what he meant but she was too tired to comment or ask more questions.  He let her out of the cage and led her into his bedroom and shackled her hands to the foot of his bed.
‘Try to get some sleep.  I want to take you out riding tomorrow and you will need your strength.’






Friday, 19 April 2013

Games at the Tease Casino Part 2

‘Lie down on the floor.’  He commanded.
Jessica and the boss stared at each other.  If this had been in another context, Jessica mused, they were so close, she would have assumed they were about to kiss passionately.  Her nerves forced a giggle up into her throat in a bubble of surprise.
‘Lie down!’
This time his voice was harsher and rougher.  He would not be argued with.  Jessica sat down slowly and leaned back tentatively on her elbows.  The tiled floor struck cold up into her skinny backside.  He stepped forward, towering over her.
‘Haven’t I been kind and respectful to you?’
Jessica nodded, suddenly feeling very vulnerable.
‘Didn’t I give you a chance?  Didn’t I warn you about that smooth talking ass hole?’
She wanted to get up and run but he was turning redder by the moment right up to his blonde, receding hairline, as his cool drained away.  She watched this imposing man slowly degenerating into frustration with fixed, fascinated horror.
‘You let him humiliate me again and then you humiliated me in front of all my employees.  Have you any idea how that makes me feel?’
She nodded her head and then saw his eyes turn black and shook her head instead.  He knelt down and then bore over her, his face close to her’s.  His body was pressed against her, just his clothes separating them.  Jessica could feel the heat and dampness of him through his shirt, against her belly.  Her whole body trembled, a bowling ball of ice seemed to thump into her chest and take her breath away.  She looked down at his silver tie.  She had nothing to say.
‘It makes me feel about as small as you do right now.  Do you like that feeling?’
She swallowed hard and mouthed ‘no’.  Jessica wished that she had taken her chance to escape before he got on top of her.  His bulk bore down on her
‘If you don’t like that feeling, then don’t treat anyone else like that.  Especially not me.  Say you’re sorry.’
She felt tears stinging in her eyes.  Despite years of being shouted at by club owners, her brothers and if she was honest, her punters and showing no emotion other than scorn, this man’s passionate approach was making her uneasy in a way she had not experienced before.  As he watched her face, waiting for her reaction, she wondered what this dark part of herself was which he seemed to have reached.  The arousal she had felt in the saddle was coming back to her in waves, sharp and hot in her pussy.  His leg was positioned between her’s and it was all she could do not to buck against it for relief. 
‘I’m…er…I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have lost it out there.  I didn’t respect you and I apologise.’
‘Very good,’ He growled, ‘Now, would you like the chance to make up for your mistake?’
She hadn’t been expecting this and she frowned, wondering what this could possibly involve.  This must have been what he meant when he said he would make an example of her.
‘Let me put it this way, you can either make up for your mistake in the manner of my choosing or you can leave and never come back.’
She held her breath.  It was as if the two simple options provided somehow stretched off into an infinity of choices, a myriad of futures, all so unpredictable that a decision was almost impossible to fathom.  She wanted to be out from under his weight, away from his stare and his accusations and his hurt pride.  She could stop this but that would mean never sitting in that saddle again.  Never having another orgasm like the one she just experienced.  She had risen up to the light, she had shone out like a torch, she had touched the void.  How could she leave, never to return to that again?
‘What will you do to me?’  She asked, meekly.
‘So you accept your punishment?’
She pulled in a deep breath.
‘Yes, if it means I can go back on that saddle.  Then, yes, I do.’
‘It will be harsh and merciless.’  He warned.
Jessica simply nodded.  He sat back from her on his haunches.  She lay still, waiting.  A few moments before she would have run.
‘It will be prolonged, humiliating and at times, unbearable.’
She sensed that she was being toyed with but could not bring herself to join in the joke.
‘I understand.’  She replied robotically.
He parted her legs and looked.  She had to hold her legs rigid to stop them pulling back together like magnets.
‘Tell me when you’re about to come.  If you forget, we’ll do this until you remember to tell me when you’re about to come.  Do you understand?’
This time he didn’t pause for an answer but pulled her skin taut against her belly so that her labia pulled up and spread wide, exposing her clit.  He pushed his rough stubbly chin against her vagina and parted his lips to suck in her clitoris, swirling his tongue over it with intensity.  He had wrenched a guttural cry from her with no effort.  Clearly enjoying himself, he sucked more, pulling blood into her already throbbing clitoris.  He didn’t hesitate to invade her wet, desperate pussy with two fingers, then three, stretching her into beautiful discomfort.  Jessica rode the wave toward the shining peak, so aroused, so quickly.  She wanted to grab him by his cropped hair and ride his face hard and fast but she knew instinctively that if she showed anything by submission this would be over.  The need to come was taking over, like a reflex.
‘I’m going to-‘
He stopped.  She was pulled from her dream like an officer worker hearing an alarm clock on a Monday morning.
‘No!  What?  No!’ 
The floor was damp underneath her.  The boss wiped his chin with his hand and sniffed.
‘Put your clothes on and go and sit behind the bar.  I need to make a phone call.’

Jessica felt cold all over and her mood had crashed so low that she could have wept, as she sat on the small stool behind the bar.  The naked woman serving kept glancing at her but said nothing.  Jessica assumed that she had been told to keep an eye on her.  There was nothing to entertain her because she couldn’t see over the bar, just hear the excited chat of the punters and the seductive and flirtatious tones of the workers. 
‘Good evening, once again.’
The voice sounded very familiar.  She looked up to see an impish face, with a top hat rested on top of it.  She felt her mouth turn up slowly at the corners, her upset draining away.  She got to her feet.
‘You’ve come back!’
‘Really, when I was told why I was needed back here, I had no choice but to return, my dear lady.’
Jessica wanted to tell him about what happened after he left.  How upset she had been.  How the boss had frightened her.  The words caught in her throat as she realised what he had just said.
‘What do you mean, “told why”?’
He raised one eyebrow playfully.  The boss appeared at her side and lifted the bar.
‘Good evening Mr. Winters.  How kind of you to join us at such short notice.’
The men shook hands.  Jessica took a step back but the boss pulled her forward by the arm, through to the public side of the bar.  He pushed her toward Mr. Winters who put his hand on her shoulder, lightly.
‘Thank you.  It will be as we agreed on the telephone.’  Mr. Winters spoke over her head.
‘As we agreed.’  He confirmed, ‘May I look her in the eye before you take her.’
Mr. Winters spun her and held her by both shoulders as she looked at the boss.  He deliberately lifted his chin and puffed out his chest.  He looked tired.
‘Mr. Winters will mind you for the week.  I have told him not to allow you any…release whatsoever.  If he is satisfied with your progress, I will reconsider you for a place here next Friday evening.’
Jessica blinked.  Her mouth opened to tell the boss that she couldn’t, she had things to do, pot plants to water, friends to see.
‘I can’t…my…my flat.  My friends won’t know-‘
He shook his head.
‘Remember our agreement.  Accept it or leave.’
Jessica felt a lump the size of a frog, trying to fight its way out of her throat.  Mr. Winters offered her his arm.
‘Come along, my dear.  Lets go home and make sure you are well punished.’  His light tone, contrary to his words made her look into his eyes.
He winked at her and offered his arm.  She hesitated but then took it.  He was warm, he was close, he held her up as they walked to the door.
‘That’s right, get out of my sight!’  The boss shouted after them.
Mr. Winters let conspiratorially close.
‘He’s showing off.  Ignore him.’
They stepped out into the bleakness of an industrial estate car park.
‘You really think I should ignore the boss?’  Jessica asked.
‘I always do and he loves me for it so I assume he likes it.’ 
She laughed as they walked toward a black, high sided car with tiny round headlights parked under a flood-light.
‘However, sometimes even idiots have inspiration.  Call it chaos theory but sometimes, the muse sees fit to grace even such oafs as he with a good idea or two and when that happens we must respect it.’
He opened the car door for her and she stepped in without another thought, entranced by his company.  He walked around to sit in the driving seat.
‘What is the good idea?  Getting rid of me as soon as possible, I suppose.’  Jessica grumbled.
‘Yes, I would be rid of you in a heartbeat if only you would stop bothering me!’  He teased, ‘That wasn’t the idea I was referring to.  No the idea I was referring to is not permitting you a release for the week.’
The car rumbled into life and the engine turned over with a slowly vibrating throb that started the ache between her legs all over again.
‘I think, with a little imagination, we can have some fun with that idea.’
He trailed his fingers up the inside of her thigh.  Her legs parted naturally but his hand was soon on the steering wheel, turning the car out of the car park.




Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Games at the Tease Casino Part 1

Jessica had turned up for work at nine, as usual but that was the only thing that was going to be usual about that evening.  She lent against the metal garage doors, which rattled even against her small frame and pulled on her cigarette deeply inhaling the bitter, calming smoke.  Jessica had been prompt as her fellow lap dancer Kelly had instructed but she had no idea when the boss would come and collect her or whether this was just some kind of joke.  Kelly had said that you could double your money by coming to work at this new place instead of the club she usually danced for and so it had seemed like a good plan.  Jessica hadn’t felt nervous until this evening; she had thought she could take care of herself.  As she pulled her coat sleeves down over her blue knuckles, she felt doubt as to whether she could look after herself as well as she hoped and wondered with a sense of dread that pricked like ice water up the back of her neck, if she was in over her head and likely to be drowned.

The garage door rattled behind her and Jessica felt it pull up on her coat as it began to rise.  She moved away quickly and peered under the bottom where a gap had emerged like the fluttering eyelid of a dreamer.  A shiny pair of black shoes showed in the gap.
‘Hi, I’m Jessica.  Kelly sent me.  Are you the boss?’  She asked, her head still tilted to look beneath the door.
She ducked beneath the half open door and found herself in a warehouse with a suited man in his fifties.  He was tall with close cropped blonde hair.
‘Good evening, Jessica.  You are expected.’
She tried not to show in her face that she wasn’t accustomed to such formality and had no idea what to say.
‘No smoking is permitted, here.’  He informed her.
Jessica scowled and threw the end of her cigarette out into the car park.  He swept his arm to the side to direct her to the other end of the warehouse where there were double doors.
‘That way, please.  You first.’
He turned to close the door using a button on the wall.  Jessica shrugged and headed toward the doors as directed, putting on her best devil may care swagger to make herself feel better about the butterflies that clinked against the glass jar of her gut.  In the small room, through the doors, the boss put his arm around her shoulders and took her coat.  Jessica squared them but did not dare to shrug him off.  There was a thick, blue velvet curtain hanging across the next set of doors.
‘This may seem an unusual club at first but once we go through, allow me to explain before you go rushing off to try things.  Believe me, it will be to your financial advantage to listen carefully to me.’
She frowned and nodded.  Curiosity began to mix itself up with her nerves into a gut churning soup.  She clenched and unclenched her fists.
Jessica forced herself to nod and he pushed her through the curtain.

They had emerged to stand behind a bar, beside a naked, oiled woman with a cocktail shaker in her hands.  Jessica took in the scene in the room as the boss pulled on the bar tender’s stiff nipples, in an absent minded way.  On the customer’s side of the bar, a woman was sat astride an American style saddle with a queue of punters waiting in line.  The young man engaged with her was sweating and shaking as he reached underneath the saddle.  She was gripping her own thighs, her knuckles turning white.  Bright red half moons marked her pale skin where she has squeezed before.  A chain clasped around her middle, stuffed with £10 and £20 notes.
‘He’s trying to make her come.’  Commented the boss.
‘Is it a game?’  Asked Jessica.
‘We tend to put the more experienced girls on that one.  The punter places a bet that he can make her come.  Her job is not to come.  If she can hold out, she keeps everything from the night, apart from the house’s cut.  If she comes, the punter that breaks her gets to keep everything; his own bet and everyone’s else’s.’
‘She has a long queue.’
Jessica lifted the bar and stepped through.
‘Hey, wait a minute!  What did I tell you, before!’  The boss called to her.
She ignored him.  Fascinated, she reached out, slowly, to touch the panting woman on the cheek.   The punter smiled and grabbed her wrist, pulling her fingers into contact with the woman’s soft, damp skin.  Her eyes flickered open and looked as bright as car headlights, into Jessica’s.  Then they rolled back into her head and she screamed.  The punter laughed and continued to manipulate her.  She moaned out her orgasm and her wetness spilled onto the floor beneath the stool.  The men in the queue grumbled and some, nearer the front of the line walked away.  The boss grabbed Jessica’s arm.
‘What are you doing?’  He hissed.
‘I’m…er…I’m sorry.’
‘Hey, guys don’t walk away.  We’ve got a new one here, a sure bet.’
The boss looked at Jessica, ‘You’re game, aren’t you, you want to earn some cash, right?’
Jessica nodded.  The woman dismounted the saddle and handed the cash in her belt to the punter who beamed brightly and took it to the bar.
‘Clothes off and in the saddle, please, miss.’  He instructed.
The eyes of the men fixed on her as she pulled open her blouse to reveal her smooth, proud tits and pulled down her skirt and knickers to reveal her shaved mound.  Jessica wondered whether they could already see her clit.  It was starting to swell and throb.  She hopped onto the saddle and found that the middle was cut away to give easy access to her cunt for the punters.  The tan leather felt hot from the last woman’s struggles.  The boss looped a chain around her waist.  He pulled her arms back and fixed wide leather cuffs around her wrists. 
‘Hey, what are those for?’
‘You’re training.  It takes some getting used to and these men don’t want you hopping off your saddle and ruining their game.’
He padlocked the cuffs to the back of the chain and stuffed some cold, crumpled bank notes down the front of it.  The next man in line was tall and dark, like he’d just stepped off a Caribbean beach.  His shirt was undone at the top and his tie hung loose.  He had a wide flashing smile.  Jessica couldn’t help checking out the bulge in his trousers.  He was almost as aroused as she.  She felt her pussy slick and wriggled to rub her own lips together for some relief but they were stretched wide by her position.
‘You have five minutes with her and then it’s the next man’s turn.’  Instructed the boss.
The punter tucked £20 into her chain with his large, clean hand.  His black skin was soft against her belly.
‘You don’t stand a chance.’  His deep voice grumbled through her loins, ‘I’ll have you pulsing and out of control in no time.  No need to by shy with me.’ 
He placed his hand on her sex, manipulating all of her, feeling his way.  Once he had the measure of her, he took to grazing his finger languorously over her pussy lips.  Jessica thought she could feel every ridge of his fingerprint and tried to stifle a moan.  A teasing ache tore at her clitoris, like an itch she couldn’t scratch.  She longed for him to touch her there.
‘Please!  Please, you cruel bastard!’  She gasped.
She didn’t care anymore.  Her head was thrown back, her eyes closed.  She could feel a steady red blush rising up from her nipples.  Sweat trickled down her spine.  She rocked helplessly in the saddle.
‘Please what?’  He grinned.
Didn’t he know?  Her clit felt huge like a nick in the mouth.  He waited for her response and dipped his fingertip tantalisingly into her sex.
‘Just rub my clitoris, just a bit.’  She whined.
He laughed a rumbling deep laugh.
‘Don’t you want that £50 tucked in your belt any more?  Remember if you come, I get the lot.’
His finger strayed onto her puffed up clit and rubbed hard and fast but it was over before she could take two deep breaths.
‘Our time is up, lucky for you.  Too bad for me.’
He turned his back, leaving her breathless and dripping.  Jessica supposed that she had won but her body was telling her that she had lost out.  Her pussy twitched involuntarily.
‘No, please come back!’
The boss grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head into his shoulder, making her gasp.
‘Remember, you’re working, not just playing.  Nothing for you means nothing for me and that won’t get you invited back here.’
His mouth was so close to her; she could feel his breath on her neck.  She nodded silently as much as she could with his fist clenched in her hair.  He was right of course, hadn’t she been enticed here by the money in the first place?
‘Next man, please.’

This one was bookish.  He looked like a clerk with thick-rimmed, round glasses and his mouth twitching nervously at the corners into a halfhearted smile.
‘Now, I’m going to say this up front.’  He stated in tone more confident than his body language.
The boss released Jessica and put his hands on his hips.
‘You’re new, are you?’  He demanded.
‘Yes and also, I’m a freelance reporter.’
The boss put out his hand and the reporter took it in a well-practised double handshake.
‘Good to meet you.  If you promise to give us a good write up somewhere our potential customers will see it, then everything is on the house.’
The boss stuffed another £20 in Jessica’s chain.
‘Don’t lose it.’  He growled, ‘Or you will have me to answer to.’
Jessica gritted her teeth and looked the reporter up and down.  This should be no problem to her.  He was practically shaking as he rubbed his hands together.  He caught her eye as he reached beneath the saddle and she stared him down, made his eyebrows twitch.  His touch was clumsier than the last guy.  His fingers longer and bonier.  He pushed one up between her labia, slowly.  She wriggled in her saddle as her muscles grasped at the finger hungrily, trying to pull him in faster.  His thumb sought her clitoris and rub it side to side, playfully.  Her cunt clenched deep inside, grasping his finger hard and he a smile broke across his face slowly, like the sun coming out from behind a cloud as he realised that he was in with a chance of winning the game.  Jessica screwed her lips up tight and looked away.  The boss grabbed her by the chin and pointed her face at him.
‘No!  Look at him, bitch.’
She breathed deep and focused on the dark stubble showing through the pale skin on his chin.  He stirred his finger in tiny clockwise circles, brushing her engorged G-spot with unbearable lightness.  His soft red, lips were moving.
‘If you think that’s good…’  He smirked.
Jessica pushed her nails into her palms; she must have given away her arousal.  He took his finger out of her and then thrust it in, sudden and deep, making her yelp.  Then he drew it out slowly, so slowly, making her cunt grasp at him again treacherously, longing for him to stay inside.  Then he did it again, pushing in sudden and hard and withdrawing with measured languor.  All the while his thumb pushed her clit back and forth, bumping it, forcing it to kiss the soft skin either side of it.  If only her arousal would peak, she would be free of this torment but then the boss’s money and her pay would be lost and what had he said?  She would have to answer to him?  She didn’t want to imagine how.  She wanted to thrust, to take control of the tease but the saddle and the way the boss forced her down made it impossible to ride the reporter’s finger.  She shook her head back and forth in frustration but the boss just pulled her hair back from her face and held her steady.
‘Ten seconds, sir.’  Jessica could hear the smile in his voice as she rode higher and higher on the reporter’s irresistible touch.
The finger withdrew for the last time, sliding and bumping over every ridge inside her.  Her cunt fought to hold him in but she was too wet for her strong grip to be of any use.  His finger slid back and forth, softly, over her outer lips.  She growled in the back of her throat.
‘That’s time.’
The reported took his hand away and examined his middle finger.  Jessica looked on, utterly humiliated as he delicately placed the glistening finger near his nose and inhaled deeply.
‘Delicious, thank you madam, thank you, sir.’
The boss put his hand out to shake again.
‘Forgive me, one moment.’
He shook a white handkerchief out of his pocket and cleaned his finger with it before shaking the boss’s hand.
‘Thoroughly enjoyable.’
‘Indeed, sir, it is as they say, the taking part rather than the winning that counts.’
The boss rubbed her shoulders like a boxer at the side of the ring in the hands of his coach.
‘Good show, for a rookie, keep working it, girl.’  He whispered.

The next man was in his forties, dressed almost too smartly for the venue in full Victorian dress, white gloves, like a magician and a top hat.  He had a pointed goatie beard and flashing eyes.  As he stepped forward, the boss stopped massaging Jessica’s shoulders and squeezed too hard.
‘Good evening, miss.’
He removed his top hat with a flourish and took a bow.
‘Don’t fall for his bullshit.’  Whispered the boss.
Jessica chewed her bottom lip hesitantly.
‘Fucking answer him, though!’  He hissed.
‘Er…good evening.’  She parroted, her eyes wide and startled.
He removed his gloves and placed them in his top hat.  He handed the lot to the boss.
‘Don’t concern yourself that you find yourself in an unusual predicament.’
‘Well, thank you, I do feel a bit strange.’  She admitted as her mouth began to dry out.
The man stepped up but then turned slightly to take the money from his wallet.
‘My, you are an athletic, young woman, are you not?’  He commented as he pushed he money through the chain.  The way he did it, she couldn’t see how much it was but the chain grew considerably tighter around her waist.
‘I dance for a living so I stay fit easily enough.’  She commented without smiling.
‘I can tell.  You have a dancer’s physique but I am sure as impressive a woman as yourself could do anything she wished for her living.’
‘I don’t know.  People say I have potential but I’m not as young as I was.’ She shrugged.
‘They say that youth is wasted on the young.’  He soothed.
‘This chat is coming off your time.’  Grumbled the boss.
‘Your eyes are intense.’  He continued, ignoring the boss.  They gazed at each other.  His eyes were a bright, surprising blue, ‘Or are you just looking like that because you want me so much.’
Jessica laughed.
‘My goodness, so sorry did I speak out of turn?’
‘Well, a little.’  Jessica smiled, relaxing.
‘In that case may I occupy my mouth in another way for the remainder of our time together?  I would like to continue to enjoy your company but I fear I could easily speak out of turn again when faced with a woman with such grace.’
Jessica blushed, even as her cunt throbbed ravenously in its empty seat.  He stared into her eyes again.  He was pausing, waiting for her permission.  She knew that she could refuse if she wished.  She imagined his witty tongue on her teased cunt and wondered if it would be so talented writhing there as it was in conversation.  She was lost to the fantasy of it.  She could not resist and nodded, trying to block out the deep sigh from the boss at her side.  He dropped to his knees and shuffled forward.  His arms stretched behind her and reached for her fingers.  She held his warm, dry hands and squeezed as his breath whispered against her twitching sex.  Her clit seemed to lengthen as his soft wet tongue slipped against it, pushing down to meet him.  He ran the tip of his tongue around her clit, ensuring it was standing to attention and slicked before he focused the soft, firm muscle directly on her.  Her clit was so hard against him.  A tingling sensation rose through her groin and into her belly.  The skin across her belly felt taught and stung as if whipped by a belt.  His tongue began to flicker fast and gentle, seeking out her most sensitive spot as if he was homing in on it.  Her buttocks tensed against her seat, she thrust her breasts up and out to the ceiling.  Her nipples crinkled into hard pellets, her mouth stretched wide in a silent scream.  She came hard and hot, pouring her juices down the cunt lapper’s chin and shirt in spurts as colours flashed in front of her eyes.  He ground his mouth into her hard, forcing more orgasms out of her as she hissed and spat wild and free despite the chains and cuffs.

He rose to his feet, stroking his damp beard.  He put his hand out and the boss handed him his top hat and gloves.
‘Thank you.’  Slurred Jessica.  Her tongue felt huge in her mouth.
‘I thought that was beautiful.’  He replied.
The boss offered the cash from Jessica’s chain and he took it swiftly but this time she couldn’t have cared less how much was there.
‘The pleasure was all mine, I assure you.’
‘I came so hard!’
The man in Victorian dress shrugged and put his hat on. 
‘Until next time.’

The boss was pulling her free of the saddle, trying to make her stand.  Jessica’s knees felt weak.  Her body was singing with sensation.  Everything looked beautiful, from the empty glasses shining on the bar to the silver legs of the bar stools that lengthened and distorted her naked reflection.  The boss led her behind the bar, supporting her weight.  He offered her a glass of water and a wooden stool.  She stared through the glass at the crystal aquatic sparkle of the clear liquid.
‘Isn’t water just so…so clear?’  She mumbled.
He squatted down and looked her in the face.
‘Have you any idea how much money you just lost me?’
Jessica giggled into her hand.
‘Have you, like, drugged me or something?  I feel weird.’
He shook his head and took her chin firmly.
‘I said, have you any idea-‘
Her mood seemed to collapse in on itself like an empty pie crust.  It was this boss’s fault.  The man with the talented tongue had left and it was this man’s fault.
‘I fucking heard you the first time!’  She shouted.
‘Don’t shout at me, I’m your employer!’
‘Get out of my face.’
Jessica threw the water into his eyes.  His features crunched up into a fist and he countered with a slap.  She fingered her stinging cheek, beneath her hair.
‘Come with me, bitch.  I’m going to make an example of you.’
He pulled her to her feet by her elbow and led her stumbling and still naked through the blue velvet curtain.   



Thursday, 16 August 2012

Erotic novel sample chapter: Chambers of Sin

I have a new writing project.  Here is the first chapter for your entertainment:

Chambers of Sin


‘On your knees, in front of me.’
I dropped and sat on my heels.  My knees stuck to the cheap laminate.  I bowed my head.  I noticed a flake of onion skin floating like an insect’s wing near the kitchen cupboard.  The edges of the PVC hood and jock strap that she had made me wear chafed pleasurably.  Beth stood before me; her feet set apart, a riding crop jutting out from her hip.
‘Entertain me.’
I spread my knees apart and gazed up at her, surveying her full, beautiful length.
‘Wank yourself, for me.’  She commanded, ‘Now.’
I slipped my fingers behind the tight, sticky fabric and stroked the smooth skin of my cock.  Beth lowered herself slowly against the worktop.  Her dark eyes scoured me.  She said nothing for exactly ten minutes, between 14.12 and 14.22.  I watched the white clock above the sink.
‘This is not entertaining.’
I shrugged and removed my hand, wiping my clammy palms on my straining thighs.
‘You are nowhere near orgasm.’  She continued, ‘What do we call that?’
‘Not good enough, mistress.’ I muttered.
Beth clicked behind me and I felt the lace of her corset scratch down my back as she squatted.  Her slim hand, tipped with blood red nails trailed down my chest and over my belly seeking my manhood.  I began to stiffen irresistibly.
‘I suppose you think that you deserve another round with the riding crop?’
‘Whatever your will may be, mistress, I endeavour to – ‘
Her grip tightened on my balls, my erection was rapidly growing and escaping from her fist.
‘You, in my bedroom in the next five minutes.  Understand?’
She swept out of the kitchenette, across the lounge and through a door into her bedroom.  This time, I wasn’t watching the clock.  I was confused.  Beth had never invited me into the bedroom.  As I had understood our arrangement, she was not a prostitute so why would she want me in her bedroom?  My erection bloomed, rubbing against the tight pants.  I walked as if in a trance to her bedroom and knocked.
I opened the door, slowly.  I had been coming for sessions twice a week for five months and I had never seen the room that lay behind this door.  The bed was a king size, the frame comprised of vertical, gunmetal bars.  The covers were black.  Beth had laid out two pairs of military grade handcuffs and two sets of chain gang style shackles on the bed.  I tried to swallow but my tongue had tried to ash.
‘Aren’t those types of restraints illegal to sell to the public nowadays?’
I had to force the words out.  I didn’t like where this was heading.  I hadn’t come here for sex, I had come here for my dose of pain.
‘I bought them before that stupid law came in.  They’re very hard wearing.’
‘Is that so, mistress?’  I winced, trying to buy time, standing half in and half outside of the room.
‘Shut up.  On your back, on the bed, now.’
I put my hands up in surrender.
‘Time out.’
She walked across to me and grabbed me by the shoulders.
‘Time out?’  She repeated, ‘Why, Mr. Chambers?  I haven’t done anything to you yet.’
I stood up to my full height and looked down at her.
‘I am the client and if I say time out then I want time out.  Don’t fuck me about or I won’t pay you.’
She took her hands away and rolled her black lined eyes to the ceiling.
‘What’s wrong, Mr. Chambers?’ Beth sighed, flopping down on her bed.
I sat down as far from her as I could, trying not to slide on the pillows.
‘I don’t want sex.  I want a dominatrix, not a prostitute.  I made that perfectly clear when I answered your advertisement.’  I asserted as much as one can assert through the unzipped slit in a PVC hood.
She crossed her legs beneath herself as though meditating.
‘I wasn’t going to give you sex.  I’m a professional, please try to trust me.’
I felt ridiculous, arguing with this woman in a plastic hood but I didn’t want to take it off.
‘I’m sorry mistress.  I know you are.’
She nodded and reached over to stroke my arm.
‘That’s right, Mr. Chambers.  Now, please try to be a good slave.  You’ll get much more out of our sessions if you learn to lose those inhibitions.’
‘Are you charging me extra for this therapy?’
She crawled toward me, smirking.
‘What kind of a question is that, slave?’
‘It’s a client’s question.  Answer me, please.’
‘Am I not worth extra?’  She jibed.
‘What kind of an answer is that?’
I stroked her long, shiny brown hair, running it between my fingers.
‘The answer of a mistress to her slave.’
The loss of any control I might have stolen over this situation to her made sexual energy thrill through me like a jab of a sword through my gut.
‘Lie down, like I told you in the first place.’
I did it.  I stared at the ceiling through the unzipped slits in the mask.  She clipped cold metal, tight around my wrists and ankles.  Her thighs gripped my ribs as she straddled me and they were damp with her juices.  I wriggled because I couldn’t help but mistrust her.  With a pussy as wet as that, anything could happen but I did not speak up.  She zipped my eyes shut.  Her weight disappeared from across my chest and she walked away.  I waited in darkness, listening to her heels clicking across the kitchenette.  Goose bumps tingled up the inside of my raised arms.
‘I’m going to brand you.’  She announced.
I jumped, rattling my chains.  I had not heard her enter.
‘You’re going to do what?!’  I shouted.
Panic flushed all over my spread body.
‘I’m going to brand you.’
I felt the mattress dip next to me as she lent against it.  I tested my bonds but they were secure.
‘You’ll have to kill me as well as brand me.  If I get out of these handcuffs, I’m going to slit your fucking throat and watch you bleed out on my shoes.’
‘I don’t think I like your attitude.’
Her knuckles bit into my cheek as she slammed her hand across my face.  I began to struggle ferociously.  My ankle bones were shot through with the agony of bruising, the rattling and clanking was unbearably loud.
‘You can’t escape, they’re locked, Victor.’
I knew that this was true but still I struggled.
‘Time out!  Time out!  I mean it!’
A sizzling sound, like the drip of fat onto a barbecue coal came from my right.
‘Oh, it’s hot enough, then.’
My whole body writhed.  I didn’t care about the crushing pain in my wrists and ankles.  The darkness closed around me like the inside of a giant’s fist.
‘Time out!  You bitch.’
‘No more time out for you.’
The sizzling again, this time closer.
‘Fuck!’ I screamed.
‘I think I will begin by branding your balls.’  She stated, calmly.
‘I’m going to fucking sue you for every penny.  I’m make sure you get a sadistic pimp who gives you clients with STDs whilst you live on the street.’  I babbled.
‘It may well make you impotent.’  She continued smoothly.
‘He’ll beat you senseless every morning so you can only get the meanest, ugliest clients.’
‘I’m going to do it now.  Please stay still and be quiet.’
‘The fuck I won’t.’
I made a last dire attempt to escape, almost pulling my elbows apart at the joint.
‘If you struggle, I might get your cock as well.’
My body seemed suddenly paralysed but I continued to roar out screams of terror.  As she applied it, the sensation was indeed unbearable.  An immense ache flashed up into my gut, splitting me in two.  My screams reached their most intense peak.  She held it there and held it there.  There would be nothing left of me.  I could see it in my mind, red hot and glowing, pressed against me. 

Then as suddenly as the sensation had started, it stopped.  She unzipped my eyes.  The first thing that I saw was a pan on top of a gas camping stove with a glass of water next to it.  I turned my head to look up at her, gaping in fear and agony.  Beth was grasping a large ball of ice in her fist.  It dripped down her arm and onto the bed, melted by my body heat.  The smile that sliced her face was pure evil.  I let out a gasp of humiliation.  It was all I could manage to whisper;
‘You bitch, you bitch, you bitch.’  Sharply, under my breath.
She dropped the ice into its mould and uncuffed me.  I sat as son as I was able and slouched miserably, my feet on the floor.  Beth sat behind me and wrapped her soft arms around me.  Her warm breasts pressed either side of my spine.  Her mouth was against my neck.  I felt an ache form in my throat.  I blinked back tears and bit my lip.
‘I’m sorry, Beth.’
She rubbed my arms, slowly up and down with her chilled palms. 
‘Mr. Chambers, I mean, Victor, if you need to cry, I…don’t mind.’
At this, I pulled off the mask.  Silent tears slid down my cheeks and tasted of salt between my lips.  I put my head in my hands.
‘I should have let go.  I should have trusted you, as you asked.’
‘It’s alright, Victor, perhaps I shouldn’t have done that to you yet.  I don’t usually do it so soon to my slaves.  It must have been a shock to you.’
I hunched my shoulder suspiciously.
‘Why are you talking to me like that?’
When I turned she was hugging her knees to her chest and she refused to look me in the eye.  I frowned at her.
‘If you really want to know why then meet me at three in the cafĂ© down the road, tomorrow.’
I stared at her a bit longer but she did not shift.  It was clear that I was dismissed.  I went into the lounge and snatched up my trousers from where they had languished for the last two hours between the coffee table and the couch.  As I pulled them on, I kicked a pile of books off the cluttered table.
‘Shit!’  I hissed, stooping to pick them up.
‘Are you ok?’
I didn’t want to see her.  I just wanted to leave.  To scour the filthy weakness from my pores with a shower so hot that it will send me cooked lobster red.  Her head and shoulder popped around the doorframe.
‘You know…It’s ok Victor.  Please don’t run off like this.  Have some tea with me.’
I gave up on stacking the books and pulled out my wallet.
‘There’s your fee.’
I waved the money but she wouldn’t step forward so I put it under the ashtray.  The end of a spliff was degrading in filth, there.
‘It’s under the ashtray as usual.’
She disappeared into her bedroom.
‘Did you hear me?’  I called.
‘I fucking heard you!’  She screamed.
I didn’t see her but the bedroom door slammed.  I stared guiltily at the pile of books strewn over the floor and chewed my lip.  I sighed and pulled out an extra hundred punds for her.  As I closed the bed sit door behind me and headed down the stairs her voice echoed after me.  She was crying.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Journal: Female Edging

Oh how I love to be edged!

The practise of teasing a woman almost to orgasm and then stopping, letting her calm down and starting again may seem counter intuitive to some. After all, don't women (and their partners) have to work hard to achieve a female orgasm? Isn't the frustration too much to ask any woman to bear? Well these are just some of the reasons that I love to be edged. I love it so much that at times when I have had no one else to edge me, I have edged myself.

In my tawdry scouting for internet porn on rainy Sunday afternoons, I tend to come across an awful lot of male edging porn, blogs and chastity information and devices. I find my search slightly more difficult when I get picky and look for female edging porn and sites. I may be a straight woman but I love this fetish so much that I will happily watch a woman do it to another woman (though i prefer to watch a male edger with a female edgee) for the sheer joy of watching a woman being edged. The fetish overrides the sex of those involved. I love imagining myself suffering in the place of the woman being edged, the tickle and spike of every feathery touch, the pulsing and swelling of the clit and the deep continuous ache for orgasm.
I have noticed that there seem to be several 'levels' of edging (at least with men being edged). There seems to be Tie & Tease which involves several close edges followed by an orgasm, Tease and Denial which involves teasing and edging without any release and then there's chastity play which involves the use of a chasitiy belt or device for short or long term wear. It seems that chastity play is often used in conjunction with cuckolding for the male cuckold to add to his desperation and humiliation. Another fetish that seems to be related to edging appears to be tickling, one of my own personal favourites!

I think that I have a good coping mechanism for dealing with physical pain. Sometimes, I think my coping mechanism is almost too good and my mind will take me off somewhere, out of the moment and out of my body. This can be really wonderful if that's what I need at the time. I mention this because I don't think I have any similar coping mechanism for an overload of pleasure. When I am being teased, I am right there in the moment, just me and him. All that fills my mind is the pull of the restraints on my wrists and ankles, the lift and fall of my chest and the pull between my legs, made so huge in my mind that if I open my eyes, I am surprised that my entire torso has not turned into a cunt. I love those moments just before orgasm where all experience centres to a tiny point of bright, hard light, my cunt lips weep for release and my clit writhes with a will of its own. I feel so truly alive in those moments.

So that's the metaphysical, onto some practical ideas which all require plenty of lube, saliva and patience (from both partners):
- Tie her down on her front, legs spread, prop her hips up with a pillow, then you can sit comfortably between her legs and stroke, massage and tickle her genitals without letting her come for as long as you wish.
- Get her excited and then tie her legs together and then work on what you can see/get to of her genitals and stimulate her body elsewhere.
- Put two pairs of pants on her with a vibrator on top of them and then another pair of pants to hold it in place. Tie her down and watch the show or stroke and tease her elsewhere.
- From cold, before arousal, stroke only the parts of her genitals that open up to you, only as they open eg. to start just the outer lips, then the inner lips, around the clitoris and so on. Wait until the clitoris is really hard and pulsing before touching it very gently.

What are your thoughts on edging? Do you have any other games you want to share that you play?

Sunday, 3 June 2012

News: Achtung Fetish

I am delighted to confirm that my writing has just been published on the website

I have written a narrative for a photoset with the hot fetish model Madison Young.  The story includes anal probes, O ring gags and there is a graphic and kinky surprise at the end for Achtung Fetish subscribers.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Article: BDSM on a Budget


Please note, that I am NOT going to cover the safety aspects of BDSM play in this article. Some of the things I mention are risky. Please make yourself aware of the risks of the activity before you play (whether Dom or sub, Top or bottom, Master or slave or switching). There are some great books and articles on BDSM safety or ask an expert in the activity for guidance.

BDSM on a Budget or ‘Household Pervertables’

Inspired by her recent travels Clover wanted to hold a Sin School event about BDSM on a budget for the local community. Off the top of our heads we could think of many ‘household pervertables’ and Clover thought that it would be great to make a date for everyone to share their ideas to splash around some inspiration.

Many of the ideas that were shared we had all tried and happily recounted our experiences whilst others came as a welcome reminder. There were some that were a bit unexpected but I shall come to the use of a paper plate with a hole in and the cold cooked spaghetti later.
Of course, if you are into 'service' then cleaning a house, cooking a meal andfd polishing boots can all be fun domestic situations.

Here for your entertainment and inspiration I present a list of household pervertables and their possible uses:

There are so many pervertables in the kitchen that I have divided the items into sections of BDSM and fetish interest.

Wooden or plastic; can be used as clamps to attach to skin, nipples and clits. Some are more painful than others. Plastic pegs are easier to break than wooden ones.
Chop Sticks
Place a nipple between the middle of two chopsticks. Wrap an elastic band around either end to keep them in place. You can move the elastic bands to increase or decrease the pressure.

Wrapping your sub up in cling film can be fun. Saran wrap is also a good choice. Good for sensory deprivation and bondage. Body parts can be left free of the film for play.
Good for miniature bondage on hands, tying back toes or tying down balls.
Duct Tape
Can be used as a makeshift gag. More pain is in store when it needs to be removed especially if you have facial hair!
Dixy Cups
Fill with cold water and place on your subs body. Then do something else that will make them want to move. If or when they do they will get a cold splash and you can threaten other punishment for spilling the water.

Wooden spoon or spatula
For spanking that gives a similar sensation to a paddle. Experiment with different sizes and materials for different sensations.
Silicon pan holder
A round silicon mat designed to prevent pans burning the work surface. Makes a great flexible paddle for spanking. Leaves a big red mark.
Electric fly swatters
For spanking with a bit of an electric zap, an electric flyswatter produces an unusual sensation.

Wasabi Powder
Available from the World Foods section in the supermarket. Wasabi powder is mixed with water to make a bright green Japanese horseradish paste often served with sushi. When applied undiluted to mucus membranes it gives a burning, stinging sensation.
Blunted Cheese grater (or not)
For grating or threatening to grate skin.
Bottle of Coke (other carbonated beverages available)
For a very painful time and quite probably a nosebleed shake the bottle and stick it near your sub’s nose. This technique is used in genuine torture, be careful.
Chilli Peppers
Often used in CBT and cunt torture to provide a long lasting burning and stinging sensation on the mucus membranes.
For poking and prodding. Heat them up to create a painful and long lasting (possibly permenant) brand on the skin. Can be used for a dramatic visual effect through an existing healed piercing.

Spread it on a tray and then make your sub kneel on it for a very painful time. The longer they are there, the more it hurts.
Elastic Bands
To discipline your sub in public ask them to wear an elastic band and then ‘twang’ it whenever you feel it is necessary.

Carve a peeled piece of fresh ginger into a dildo shape to partake in the Victorian favourite disciplinary activity of figging. Article here:
Raw Carrot
Use it as a dildo, make sure you hang onto the end or get your partner to grip it with their teeth whilst you ride it.

Ice Cube Tray
Make ice for sensation play. Run it over each other or stuff it in orifices. If you have someone bound, blindfolded and in the right state of mind ice can be used to give a very similar sensation to being burned.
Write choice phrases on each other. If used for writing on the feet, this can be very tickly.
Use to gently run over the body. Can be used to tease the clit or cock if dampened.
Scouring Pad
Use it lightly on the skin for a tickling sensation or more firmly for a rough, prickly sensation.
For dripping hot wax onto each other’s bodies. Make sure you check the burning temperature to avoid burns on the skin.

‘Sexy food’
Eating strawberries and cream off each other is always a laugh.
Use your male partner’s cock as a spoon for your favourite yoghurt.
Spaghetti and a paper plate
Cut a hole in the paper plate and pull your male partner’s cock and balls through it. Cook some spaghetti and then cool it by draining it and running it under plenty of cold water. Put the spaghetti on the paper plate and eat it with no cutlery.


Electric Toothbrush
The handle can be used as a vibrator. The brush end can be used for sensation play either on the skin or on the genitals for rougher play.
Mint Showergel
When put on the genitals it gives a tingling sensation that can be quite long lasting.
Hairbrush and Baby oil
You can use the flat side of the hairbrush for spanking. The bristles can be used for sensation play that feels especially intense when combined with baby oil applied to the skin. For example, cover the feet in baby oil and then rub the soles vigorously with the hairbrush for complete sensory overload.
Shaving foam
Can be used in fire play. It’s also handy for shaving faces and genital areas for new and interesting sensations during oral sex.
Deep Heat and Tiger Balm
Creates an intense burning sensation on mucus membranes for CBT and cunt torture.


‘Clippy’ Coathanger
One of those coat hangers that you get for hanging up trousers with the clips on them. Use the clips as clamps to attach to nipples and use the hook for bondage if desired.
Hat full of slips of paper with suggestions
Write down some sexual activities that you and your partner(s) enjoy, each on a separate slip of paper. Put the papers into a hat or other vessel and then ask your partner to choose one. Do what it says on the paper.
Shoe Horn
For spanking can be used as a painful and hard hitting paddle.
For strapping your partner. Try different widths of belt for different sensations.
Too tight clothes
Keep your too tight clothes to use as role play costumes in the bedroom.
Hair Dryer
When blown gently onto sensitive parts a hairdrier can produce a warming and erotic sensation.
Run over the body for sensation play.
Vac Bags
Usually used to store clothes eg. Winter coats over Summer. A small sub can get inside the bag and then the air can be sucked out with a vacuum cleaner for breath play and bondage.
Cotton Cloth
Cut to the right size a piece of cloth can make an attractive blindfold or gag. It can be drenched with water and used for strapping.
Paint the inside of a cheap pair goggles black to make a ‘mindfold’ for complete visual deprivation.


Paracord or cotton rope works well for bondage which includes lots of knots such as Chinese inspired, fusion or Western style bondage. There are many excellent books to help you learn this style of bondage. ‘The Two Knotty Boys: Showing you the ropes’ is a favourite. You can also bundle rope together to create a flogger.
Chain and padlocks
Use it for cold, harsh bondage. Dog chains from pet shops are often suitable for this.
Cable ties
Can be used as cheap but impossible to escape from handcuffs.
Decorator's brush
Can be used as a sensation play toy. If you use it dampened it makes a really stingy paddle which leaves a nice red welt and if you use cold water is very chilly.
Airflow golf ball and some ribbon/string and duffel bag fastener
Create your own home made ball gag! Apparently effective and easy to apply and to remove.
Pet grooming mits
Can be used for sensation play in a similar way to 'Vampire Gloves'.


‘Erotic Tickling’ by Michael Moran
'Showing you the Ropes' by The Two Knotty Boys

Mr Loc

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