Friday, 19 April 2013

Games at the Tease Casino Part 2

‘Lie down on the floor.’  He commanded.
Jessica and the boss stared at each other.  If this had been in another context, Jessica mused, they were so close, she would have assumed they were about to kiss passionately.  Her nerves forced a giggle up into her throat in a bubble of surprise.
‘Lie down!’
This time his voice was harsher and rougher.  He would not be argued with.  Jessica sat down slowly and leaned back tentatively on her elbows.  The tiled floor struck cold up into her skinny backside.  He stepped forward, towering over her.
‘Haven’t I been kind and respectful to you?’
Jessica nodded, suddenly feeling very vulnerable.
‘Didn’t I give you a chance?  Didn’t I warn you about that smooth talking ass hole?’
She wanted to get up and run but he was turning redder by the moment right up to his blonde, receding hairline, as his cool drained away.  She watched this imposing man slowly degenerating into frustration with fixed, fascinated horror.
‘You let him humiliate me again and then you humiliated me in front of all my employees.  Have you any idea how that makes me feel?’
She nodded her head and then saw his eyes turn black and shook her head instead.  He knelt down and then bore over her, his face close to her’s.  His body was pressed against her, just his clothes separating them.  Jessica could feel the heat and dampness of him through his shirt, against her belly.  Her whole body trembled, a bowling ball of ice seemed to thump into her chest and take her breath away.  She looked down at his silver tie.  She had nothing to say.
‘It makes me feel about as small as you do right now.  Do you like that feeling?’
She swallowed hard and mouthed ‘no’.  Jessica wished that she had taken her chance to escape before he got on top of her.  His bulk bore down on her
‘If you don’t like that feeling, then don’t treat anyone else like that.  Especially not me.  Say you’re sorry.’
She felt tears stinging in her eyes.  Despite years of being shouted at by club owners, her brothers and if she was honest, her punters and showing no emotion other than scorn, this man’s passionate approach was making her uneasy in a way she had not experienced before.  As he watched her face, waiting for her reaction, she wondered what this dark part of herself was which he seemed to have reached.  The arousal she had felt in the saddle was coming back to her in waves, sharp and hot in her pussy.  His leg was positioned between her’s and it was all she could do not to buck against it for relief. 
‘I’m…er…I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have lost it out there.  I didn’t respect you and I apologise.’
‘Very good,’ He growled, ‘Now, would you like the chance to make up for your mistake?’
She hadn’t been expecting this and she frowned, wondering what this could possibly involve.  This must have been what he meant when he said he would make an example of her.
‘Let me put it this way, you can either make up for your mistake in the manner of my choosing or you can leave and never come back.’
She held her breath.  It was as if the two simple options provided somehow stretched off into an infinity of choices, a myriad of futures, all so unpredictable that a decision was almost impossible to fathom.  She wanted to be out from under his weight, away from his stare and his accusations and his hurt pride.  She could stop this but that would mean never sitting in that saddle again.  Never having another orgasm like the one she just experienced.  She had risen up to the light, she had shone out like a torch, she had touched the void.  How could she leave, never to return to that again?
‘What will you do to me?’  She asked, meekly.
‘So you accept your punishment?’
She pulled in a deep breath.
‘Yes, if it means I can go back on that saddle.  Then, yes, I do.’
‘It will be harsh and merciless.’  He warned.
Jessica simply nodded.  He sat back from her on his haunches.  She lay still, waiting.  A few moments before she would have run.
‘It will be prolonged, humiliating and at times, unbearable.’
She sensed that she was being toyed with but could not bring herself to join in the joke.
‘I understand.’  She replied robotically.
He parted her legs and looked.  She had to hold her legs rigid to stop them pulling back together like magnets.
‘Tell me when you’re about to come.  If you forget, we’ll do this until you remember to tell me when you’re about to come.  Do you understand?’
This time he didn’t pause for an answer but pulled her skin taut against her belly so that her labia pulled up and spread wide, exposing her clit.  He pushed his rough stubbly chin against her vagina and parted his lips to suck in her clitoris, swirling his tongue over it with intensity.  He had wrenched a guttural cry from her with no effort.  Clearly enjoying himself, he sucked more, pulling blood into her already throbbing clitoris.  He didn’t hesitate to invade her wet, desperate pussy with two fingers, then three, stretching her into beautiful discomfort.  Jessica rode the wave toward the shining peak, so aroused, so quickly.  She wanted to grab him by his cropped hair and ride his face hard and fast but she knew instinctively that if she showed anything by submission this would be over.  The need to come was taking over, like a reflex.
‘I’m going to-‘
He stopped.  She was pulled from her dream like an officer worker hearing an alarm clock on a Monday morning.
‘No!  What?  No!’ 
The floor was damp underneath her.  The boss wiped his chin with his hand and sniffed.
‘Put your clothes on and go and sit behind the bar.  I need to make a phone call.’

Jessica felt cold all over and her mood had crashed so low that she could have wept, as she sat on the small stool behind the bar.  The naked woman serving kept glancing at her but said nothing.  Jessica assumed that she had been told to keep an eye on her.  There was nothing to entertain her because she couldn’t see over the bar, just hear the excited chat of the punters and the seductive and flirtatious tones of the workers. 
‘Good evening, once again.’
The voice sounded very familiar.  She looked up to see an impish face, with a top hat rested on top of it.  She felt her mouth turn up slowly at the corners, her upset draining away.  She got to her feet.
‘You’ve come back!’
‘Really, when I was told why I was needed back here, I had no choice but to return, my dear lady.’
Jessica wanted to tell him about what happened after he left.  How upset she had been.  How the boss had frightened her.  The words caught in her throat as she realised what he had just said.
‘What do you mean, “told why”?’
He raised one eyebrow playfully.  The boss appeared at her side and lifted the bar.
‘Good evening Mr. Winters.  How kind of you to join us at such short notice.’
The men shook hands.  Jessica took a step back but the boss pulled her forward by the arm, through to the public side of the bar.  He pushed her toward Mr. Winters who put his hand on her shoulder, lightly.
‘Thank you.  It will be as we agreed on the telephone.’  Mr. Winters spoke over her head.
‘As we agreed.’  He confirmed, ‘May I look her in the eye before you take her.’
Mr. Winters spun her and held her by both shoulders as she looked at the boss.  He deliberately lifted his chin and puffed out his chest.  He looked tired.
‘Mr. Winters will mind you for the week.  I have told him not to allow you any…release whatsoever.  If he is satisfied with your progress, I will reconsider you for a place here next Friday evening.’
Jessica blinked.  Her mouth opened to tell the boss that she couldn’t, she had things to do, pot plants to water, friends to see.
‘I can’t…my…my flat.  My friends won’t know-‘
He shook his head.
‘Remember our agreement.  Accept it or leave.’
Jessica felt a lump the size of a frog, trying to fight its way out of her throat.  Mr. Winters offered her his arm.
‘Come along, my dear.  Lets go home and make sure you are well punished.’  His light tone, contrary to his words made her look into his eyes.
He winked at her and offered his arm.  She hesitated but then took it.  He was warm, he was close, he held her up as they walked to the door.
‘That’s right, get out of my sight!’  The boss shouted after them.
Mr. Winters let conspiratorially close.
‘He’s showing off.  Ignore him.’
They stepped out into the bleakness of an industrial estate car park.
‘You really think I should ignore the boss?’  Jessica asked.
‘I always do and he loves me for it so I assume he likes it.’ 
She laughed as they walked toward a black, high sided car with tiny round headlights parked under a flood-light.
‘However, sometimes even idiots have inspiration.  Call it chaos theory but sometimes, the muse sees fit to grace even such oafs as he with a good idea or two and when that happens we must respect it.’
He opened the car door for her and she stepped in without another thought, entranced by his company.  He walked around to sit in the driving seat.
‘What is the good idea?  Getting rid of me as soon as possible, I suppose.’  Jessica grumbled.
‘Yes, I would be rid of you in a heartbeat if only you would stop bothering me!’  He teased, ‘That wasn’t the idea I was referring to.  No the idea I was referring to is not permitting you a release for the week.’
The car rumbled into life and the engine turned over with a slowly vibrating throb that started the ache between her legs all over again.
‘I think, with a little imagination, we can have some fun with that idea.’
He trailed his fingers up the inside of her thigh.  Her legs parted naturally but his hand was soon on the steering wheel, turning the car out of the car park.




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