Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Games at the Tease Casino Part 3

After a cup of tea taken under a thick blanket on Mr. Winter’s sofa, he gave her the choice of where to sleep for the night.  There was his bed, chained and on a rug at the bottom of his bed or his cage.  Jessica was sat in the cage, seemingly of her own volition.  She had been there about an hour.  In the darkened room with only candle-light emanating from black church candles placed on holders around the walls to keep her company she thought back over her conversation with Mr. Winters which had led her to this position.
‘It seems that the answer would be simple for you.’
He had interrupted as she opened her mouth to reply that she would like to sleep in the warmth and comfort of his bed with his body pressed against hers for company.
‘It is not so simple as it first appears,’ He continued, ‘If you sleep in my bed, it will certainly be the most comfortable option.  However, I will spend the night seducing you, tormenting you with my hands and my other parts and I will ensure that you have no release and that will just be the beginning of your frustrations.’
‘I’ll sleep chained at the end of your bed.’  Jessica replied, firmly.
‘Of course you may, my rug is reindeer hide, silky and warm to sleep on and I shall be close by.  However, I will spend all night seducing you with my conversation and the temptation to touch yourself will be unbearable.  Trust me, if you do touch yourself without my permission, you will end up in the cage in any case and earn my displeasure.’
‘I’ll be uncomfortable in the cage.’
‘In one sense that’s true but not in other ways.  Come with me, I’ll show you.’

The candles on the walls flickered, there must be a breeze coming through an open window somewhere in the house.  She shivered and the bells on her nipple clamps jingled.  She was knelt up, her feet cuffed to the bottom of the cage and her hands cuffed and chained to the top.  Mr. Winters had placed nipple clamps with little bells on her nipples, telling her to ring if she required any assistance during the night.  This was, in his opinion the easiest option for her because she would not have to put up with him seducing her during the night.  The other advantage he had indicated was that it was impossible to touch herself no matter how turned on she may be and how tempting it might feel to slip a moistened finger between her pussy lips and rub hard and fast before he could catch her.  Unfortunately sleep was impossible in her predicament.  He would be expecting her to ring her bells for him sooner rather than later.  Jessica was determined not to give him that satisfaction too early.  She examined her bonds but the buckles on the cuffs were impossible to undo with her hands restrained so far apart.  She wondered if she could push her hips up to her hand because she was convinced that if she could just massage her clitoris for a moment, she could relieve the mounting tension in her cunt.  She contorted herself this way and that but the way her ankles were restrained made pushing her hips against anything but thin air impossible.  She sighed and knelt still for a moment, determined to just wait it out.  She closed her eyes.  Five minutes later her eyes flew open again.  She was sure she could hear something, a banging noise.  Perhaps it was just the central heating.  Her knees hurt.  He couldn’t really expect her to kneel like this all night.  Jessica gave in.  She shimmied, jiggling her breasts and the bells tinkled, they sounded high and loud in the quiet.  She waited, still for moment, listening for his footsteps on the stairs or coming across the landing.  When she heard nothing, she wriggled more vigorously, screwing up her face with the pain as the clamps bit into her soft nipples.  She waited again and this time, she heard the thud of his slippers on the carpet, unhurried, progressing toward the door.  He appeared wearing a silk dressing gown over check pyjamas and sat down on the floor beside the cage.  He looked into the corner of the room.
‘You rang?’
Still he didn’t turn.  For a moment Jessica thought she could lie and say that she hadn’t meant to call him at all and had made a mistake.  He seemed lost in thought. 
‘I think so.’  She ventured.
‘Did you or did you not ring for me, Jessica?’ 
‘Did I wake you?’
Finally he looked at her, his blue eyes pale as milk in the half-light.
Jessica tested her bonds again, her hands clenching into fists.    She wouldn’t have claimed to know him but his monosyllabic approach was hardly characteristic.
‘I don’t know.  I moved a bit.’ 
He tilted his head to one side and observed her.  His expression gave nothing away.  He looked relaxed and focused.
‘Tell me the truth.’  He requested quietly.
Jessica turned her head, avoiding his eyes.  He seemed so intense all of a sudden.
‘I think I might have just moved around too much by mistake.’  She whimpered.
He stood and made his way across the room, out of sight.  The candles went out and the room was blinked into blackness.
‘Remember, you chose this.’  She heard his voice to her right.
Her senses were on fire, she felt more helpless than ever; there was no give in her bonds and she was trapped in a cage in the darkness of the house of dangerous stranger.  If only she had been sensible and just waited in silence until the morning.  Mr. Winters would surely have let his guard slip at some point and allowed her the chance to escape at some point.  Her mind switched back to the weight of the boss on her prostrate form behind the blue velvet curtain.  How frightened she had been and yet how aroused she had become by the tease of the clit sucking he gave her.  Perhaps even if she had the chance to escape, she would remain a prisoner, just to see what would happen to her next.  Where the journey would lead her, to find out what was on the other side of her fear.
‘What do you mean?’  She called into the blackness. 
She couldn’t even see the cage bars in front of her face.
‘You chose to lie to me, even when I specified that you should tell me the truth.  I was going to give you a treat.’ 
He was closer now, she could feel his breath on her face but he was as invisible as a ghost.
‘If you lie to me, you need to learn that you get a trick.’
There was a flash.  Jessica wondered if he had taken a photograph but there had been a buzz rather than the noise of the shutter closing.  Then it came again, something metal sparking off the bars of the cage.  Mr. Winters’ face was lit from below for a moment; he was smiling, a blue demon in the electric light.  Metal sparked against metal, miniature fork lightening crackling on the cage bars.  Images of convicts spasming in the electric chair flashed through her mind.  She didn’t want that to be her.  There was no escape, her bonds were firm, the cage was locked and he seemed intent on electrocuting her with the sparking metal in his hand. 
‘It’s a good job for you that you didn’t move around too much and touch the bars of the cage.  They have been electrified all this time.’
There was a pain on her ribs.  It felt hot and sharp, like a cut.  Jessica yelped in fear and pain.
‘No, please stop.’
‘I told you to remember that you chose this by lying to me.  This is the consequence.’
She shook her head in the darkness.  No one could be expected to endure this torture.  If he cut her again, she was sure that she would bleed to death.
‘You’re cutting me!  You’ll scar me!’
He laughed.  Her blood pounded in her ears.
‘Am I cutting you?’  He teased.
A sharp slash across her stomach.  White-hot pain drilling through her insides.  She roared out a scream.  Sweat trickled between the cheeks of her buttocks.  She was sure she could feel wetness running down her thighs and pooling around her knees.
‘I’ll bleed to death.  Please stop!’
He chuckled again.
‘Will you?  I am merciful, I’ll give you a quick death and slit your throat, rather than leaving you to bleed to death from a gut wound.’
Jessica’s terror transported her from her body.  She felt as though she was looking down on herself from above.  She could hear her own screams, ringing out horror film sharp and hear his laughter as dark as any villain.  The blow came across her neck brisk and almost painless in comparison to the other strikes.  Her throat closed up on itself, she could feel her mouth stretched wide but no sound came out. 

Time seemed to stop.  Jessica couldn’t tell if her eyes were open or closed in the blackness.  She wondered if she would see the light coming toward her as described on a psychic TV programme she saw once or perhaps her life would flash before her eyes.  Perhaps death was nothing but the oldest cliché in the book.  Nothing happened, only stillness and darkness.  Her consciousness returned to her body which felt as though it had been pounded with hailstones.  The grind of her stiff knees on the floor of the cage and the pull of air into her lungs made her realise, she was still alive.  Mr. Winters lit the candles on the walls.  Jessica was shaking, her legs wobbling underneath her, her head rushing as if she was underwater.
‘How did I survive?’
She could hardly keep the grin from her face, she was so grateful for her intact body with all its aches and pains.  Mr. Winters sat beside the cage.  He held up a machete.
‘It’s blunt.’ He explained, ‘But when it has electricity running through it,’
He pushed the blade through the bars and ran the tip down her thigh.  She squealed through closed lips, as it seemed to cut into her flesh.
‘It feels as though it is cutting you.’
The blunt blade left a red mark on her thigh but did not penetrate.  The beads of blood that she had expected to see simply weren’t there.
‘Doesn’t it?’
Jessica nodded, her eyes wide and shocked.
‘That’s how you survived.  You were never in any danger.  I would never really harm you.’
He reached through the bars and stroked her face.  Electricity prickled against her cheek.  His reassurance made her shudder even more.
‘How is your touch electrified?’ 
‘I’ll show you how it’s done tomorrow but for now, please oblige me?  I can’t keep my hands off your delectable pussy a moment longer.’
He pulled on a velvet glove then reached back through the bars.  As he ran his sharp, electric touch up the inside of her thigh, she was shocked to find that her cunt was swollen and her pussy lips were slipping over each other.  They were slicked and ready for him.  Her helplessness and her fear felt as if they had been channelled into her sex.  His velvet fingers sparked off her engorged lips, making her jump and yet long for more.  He sought out her clitoris and pinched it.  The pain of the electricity earthing itself through her most sensitive spot caused her to writhe uncontrollably.  Her body craved orgasm, her cunt clenched but the sharp pain was maddeningly distracting.
‘Please, stop the pain, I need to come!’
Even as she begged it was as if the pain was fuelling her arousal.  Every touch stung like a wasp and yet brought her spiralling up toward the loss of control she needed.  He took his hands away from her cunt abruptly and teased her hard nipples with the back of his hands.  It felt as though tiny teeth were biting them.
‘ May I come?  I wouldn’t tell anyone.’  She groaned, through deep breathes.
He took his hands away and looked down his nose at her.  Her teeth were almost chattering in frustration.  She wanted so badly to have some release from the waves of ecstacy that tormented her cunt.
‘You must learn about honesty.’  He remarked, disappointingly.
Mr. Winters put his tight red gloved hand through the bars toward her face.
‘Take off my glove.’
She tugged at the material near the fingers with her teeth.
‘That will be my gift to you,’ He continued as she removed one glove and he took it from her mouth, ‘I will teach you integrity.  Did you know that your greatest tools for doing anything in this life are sincerity and action.’
Jessica considered this supposition as she pulled off his other glove.
‘Now that you have realised the value of your life, having thought you had lost it, I’m sure you want to make the most of what you have left of it?’
‘Yes, I do.  Of course I do.’
‘You say “of course” and yet you only seem to live for the here and now.  I think you lack confidence in the future and I intend to remedy that.’
Jessica could not fathom what he meant but she was too tired to comment or ask more questions.  He let her out of the cage and led her into his bedroom and shackled her hands to the foot of his bed.
‘Try to get some sleep.  I want to take you out riding tomorrow and you will need your strength.’






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