Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Games at the Tease Casino Part 1

Jessica had turned up for work at nine, as usual but that was the only thing that was going to be usual about that evening.  She lent against the metal garage doors, which rattled even against her small frame and pulled on her cigarette deeply inhaling the bitter, calming smoke.  Jessica had been prompt as her fellow lap dancer Kelly had instructed but she had no idea when the boss would come and collect her or whether this was just some kind of joke.  Kelly had said that you could double your money by coming to work at this new place instead of the club she usually danced for and so it had seemed like a good plan.  Jessica hadn’t felt nervous until this evening; she had thought she could take care of herself.  As she pulled her coat sleeves down over her blue knuckles, she felt doubt as to whether she could look after herself as well as she hoped and wondered with a sense of dread that pricked like ice water up the back of her neck, if she was in over her head and likely to be drowned.

The garage door rattled behind her and Jessica felt it pull up on her coat as it began to rise.  She moved away quickly and peered under the bottom where a gap had emerged like the fluttering eyelid of a dreamer.  A shiny pair of black shoes showed in the gap.
‘Hi, I’m Jessica.  Kelly sent me.  Are you the boss?’  She asked, her head still tilted to look beneath the door.
She ducked beneath the half open door and found herself in a warehouse with a suited man in his fifties.  He was tall with close cropped blonde hair.
‘Good evening, Jessica.  You are expected.’
She tried not to show in her face that she wasn’t accustomed to such formality and had no idea what to say.
‘No smoking is permitted, here.’  He informed her.
Jessica scowled and threw the end of her cigarette out into the car park.  He swept his arm to the side to direct her to the other end of the warehouse where there were double doors.
‘That way, please.  You first.’
He turned to close the door using a button on the wall.  Jessica shrugged and headed toward the doors as directed, putting on her best devil may care swagger to make herself feel better about the butterflies that clinked against the glass jar of her gut.  In the small room, through the doors, the boss put his arm around her shoulders and took her coat.  Jessica squared them but did not dare to shrug him off.  There was a thick, blue velvet curtain hanging across the next set of doors.
‘This may seem an unusual club at first but once we go through, allow me to explain before you go rushing off to try things.  Believe me, it will be to your financial advantage to listen carefully to me.’
She frowned and nodded.  Curiosity began to mix itself up with her nerves into a gut churning soup.  She clenched and unclenched her fists.
Jessica forced herself to nod and he pushed her through the curtain.

They had emerged to stand behind a bar, beside a naked, oiled woman with a cocktail shaker in her hands.  Jessica took in the scene in the room as the boss pulled on the bar tender’s stiff nipples, in an absent minded way.  On the customer’s side of the bar, a woman was sat astride an American style saddle with a queue of punters waiting in line.  The young man engaged with her was sweating and shaking as he reached underneath the saddle.  She was gripping her own thighs, her knuckles turning white.  Bright red half moons marked her pale skin where she has squeezed before.  A chain clasped around her middle, stuffed with £10 and £20 notes.
‘He’s trying to make her come.’  Commented the boss.
‘Is it a game?’  Asked Jessica.
‘We tend to put the more experienced girls on that one.  The punter places a bet that he can make her come.  Her job is not to come.  If she can hold out, she keeps everything from the night, apart from the house’s cut.  If she comes, the punter that breaks her gets to keep everything; his own bet and everyone’s else’s.’
‘She has a long queue.’
Jessica lifted the bar and stepped through.
‘Hey, wait a minute!  What did I tell you, before!’  The boss called to her.
She ignored him.  Fascinated, she reached out, slowly, to touch the panting woman on the cheek.   The punter smiled and grabbed her wrist, pulling her fingers into contact with the woman’s soft, damp skin.  Her eyes flickered open and looked as bright as car headlights, into Jessica’s.  Then they rolled back into her head and she screamed.  The punter laughed and continued to manipulate her.  She moaned out her orgasm and her wetness spilled onto the floor beneath the stool.  The men in the queue grumbled and some, nearer the front of the line walked away.  The boss grabbed Jessica’s arm.
‘What are you doing?’  He hissed.
‘I’m…er…I’m sorry.’
‘Hey, guys don’t walk away.  We’ve got a new one here, a sure bet.’
The boss looked at Jessica, ‘You’re game, aren’t you, you want to earn some cash, right?’
Jessica nodded.  The woman dismounted the saddle and handed the cash in her belt to the punter who beamed brightly and took it to the bar.
‘Clothes off and in the saddle, please, miss.’  He instructed.
The eyes of the men fixed on her as she pulled open her blouse to reveal her smooth, proud tits and pulled down her skirt and knickers to reveal her shaved mound.  Jessica wondered whether they could already see her clit.  It was starting to swell and throb.  She hopped onto the saddle and found that the middle was cut away to give easy access to her cunt for the punters.  The tan leather felt hot from the last woman’s struggles.  The boss looped a chain around her waist.  He pulled her arms back and fixed wide leather cuffs around her wrists. 
‘Hey, what are those for?’
‘You’re training.  It takes some getting used to and these men don’t want you hopping off your saddle and ruining their game.’
He padlocked the cuffs to the back of the chain and stuffed some cold, crumpled bank notes down the front of it.  The next man in line was tall and dark, like he’d just stepped off a Caribbean beach.  His shirt was undone at the top and his tie hung loose.  He had a wide flashing smile.  Jessica couldn’t help checking out the bulge in his trousers.  He was almost as aroused as she.  She felt her pussy slick and wriggled to rub her own lips together for some relief but they were stretched wide by her position.
‘You have five minutes with her and then it’s the next man’s turn.’  Instructed the boss.
The punter tucked £20 into her chain with his large, clean hand.  His black skin was soft against her belly.
‘You don’t stand a chance.’  His deep voice grumbled through her loins, ‘I’ll have you pulsing and out of control in no time.  No need to by shy with me.’ 
He placed his hand on her sex, manipulating all of her, feeling his way.  Once he had the measure of her, he took to grazing his finger languorously over her pussy lips.  Jessica thought she could feel every ridge of his fingerprint and tried to stifle a moan.  A teasing ache tore at her clitoris, like an itch she couldn’t scratch.  She longed for him to touch her there.
‘Please!  Please, you cruel bastard!’  She gasped.
She didn’t care anymore.  Her head was thrown back, her eyes closed.  She could feel a steady red blush rising up from her nipples.  Sweat trickled down her spine.  She rocked helplessly in the saddle.
‘Please what?’  He grinned.
Didn’t he know?  Her clit felt huge like a nick in the mouth.  He waited for her response and dipped his fingertip tantalisingly into her sex.
‘Just rub my clitoris, just a bit.’  She whined.
He laughed a rumbling deep laugh.
‘Don’t you want that £50 tucked in your belt any more?  Remember if you come, I get the lot.’
His finger strayed onto her puffed up clit and rubbed hard and fast but it was over before she could take two deep breaths.
‘Our time is up, lucky for you.  Too bad for me.’
He turned his back, leaving her breathless and dripping.  Jessica supposed that she had won but her body was telling her that she had lost out.  Her pussy twitched involuntarily.
‘No, please come back!’
The boss grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head into his shoulder, making her gasp.
‘Remember, you’re working, not just playing.  Nothing for you means nothing for me and that won’t get you invited back here.’
His mouth was so close to her; she could feel his breath on her neck.  She nodded silently as much as she could with his fist clenched in her hair.  He was right of course, hadn’t she been enticed here by the money in the first place?
‘Next man, please.’

This one was bookish.  He looked like a clerk with thick-rimmed, round glasses and his mouth twitching nervously at the corners into a halfhearted smile.
‘Now, I’m going to say this up front.’  He stated in tone more confident than his body language.
The boss released Jessica and put his hands on his hips.
‘You’re new, are you?’  He demanded.
‘Yes and also, I’m a freelance reporter.’
The boss put out his hand and the reporter took it in a well-practised double handshake.
‘Good to meet you.  If you promise to give us a good write up somewhere our potential customers will see it, then everything is on the house.’
The boss stuffed another £20 in Jessica’s chain.
‘Don’t lose it.’  He growled, ‘Or you will have me to answer to.’
Jessica gritted her teeth and looked the reporter up and down.  This should be no problem to her.  He was practically shaking as he rubbed his hands together.  He caught her eye as he reached beneath the saddle and she stared him down, made his eyebrows twitch.  His touch was clumsier than the last guy.  His fingers longer and bonier.  He pushed one up between her labia, slowly.  She wriggled in her saddle as her muscles grasped at the finger hungrily, trying to pull him in faster.  His thumb sought her clitoris and rub it side to side, playfully.  Her cunt clenched deep inside, grasping his finger hard and he a smile broke across his face slowly, like the sun coming out from behind a cloud as he realised that he was in with a chance of winning the game.  Jessica screwed her lips up tight and looked away.  The boss grabbed her by the chin and pointed her face at him.
‘No!  Look at him, bitch.’
She breathed deep and focused on the dark stubble showing through the pale skin on his chin.  He stirred his finger in tiny clockwise circles, brushing her engorged G-spot with unbearable lightness.  His soft red, lips were moving.
‘If you think that’s good…’  He smirked.
Jessica pushed her nails into her palms; she must have given away her arousal.  He took his finger out of her and then thrust it in, sudden and deep, making her yelp.  Then he drew it out slowly, so slowly, making her cunt grasp at him again treacherously, longing for him to stay inside.  Then he did it again, pushing in sudden and hard and withdrawing with measured languor.  All the while his thumb pushed her clit back and forth, bumping it, forcing it to kiss the soft skin either side of it.  If only her arousal would peak, she would be free of this torment but then the boss’s money and her pay would be lost and what had he said?  She would have to answer to him?  She didn’t want to imagine how.  She wanted to thrust, to take control of the tease but the saddle and the way the boss forced her down made it impossible to ride the reporter’s finger.  She shook her head back and forth in frustration but the boss just pulled her hair back from her face and held her steady.
‘Ten seconds, sir.’  Jessica could hear the smile in his voice as she rode higher and higher on the reporter’s irresistible touch.
The finger withdrew for the last time, sliding and bumping over every ridge inside her.  Her cunt fought to hold him in but she was too wet for her strong grip to be of any use.  His finger slid back and forth, softly, over her outer lips.  She growled in the back of her throat.
‘That’s time.’
The reported took his hand away and examined his middle finger.  Jessica looked on, utterly humiliated as he delicately placed the glistening finger near his nose and inhaled deeply.
‘Delicious, thank you madam, thank you, sir.’
The boss put his hand out to shake again.
‘Forgive me, one moment.’
He shook a white handkerchief out of his pocket and cleaned his finger with it before shaking the boss’s hand.
‘Thoroughly enjoyable.’
‘Indeed, sir, it is as they say, the taking part rather than the winning that counts.’
The boss rubbed her shoulders like a boxer at the side of the ring in the hands of his coach.
‘Good show, for a rookie, keep working it, girl.’  He whispered.

The next man was in his forties, dressed almost too smartly for the venue in full Victorian dress, white gloves, like a magician and a top hat.  He had a pointed goatie beard and flashing eyes.  As he stepped forward, the boss stopped massaging Jessica’s shoulders and squeezed too hard.
‘Good evening, miss.’
He removed his top hat with a flourish and took a bow.
‘Don’t fall for his bullshit.’  Whispered the boss.
Jessica chewed her bottom lip hesitantly.
‘Fucking answer him, though!’  He hissed.
‘Er…good evening.’  She parroted, her eyes wide and startled.
He removed his gloves and placed them in his top hat.  He handed the lot to the boss.
‘Don’t concern yourself that you find yourself in an unusual predicament.’
‘Well, thank you, I do feel a bit strange.’  She admitted as her mouth began to dry out.
The man stepped up but then turned slightly to take the money from his wallet.
‘My, you are an athletic, young woman, are you not?’  He commented as he pushed he money through the chain.  The way he did it, she couldn’t see how much it was but the chain grew considerably tighter around her waist.
‘I dance for a living so I stay fit easily enough.’  She commented without smiling.
‘I can tell.  You have a dancer’s physique but I am sure as impressive a woman as yourself could do anything she wished for her living.’
‘I don’t know.  People say I have potential but I’m not as young as I was.’ She shrugged.
‘They say that youth is wasted on the young.’  He soothed.
‘This chat is coming off your time.’  Grumbled the boss.
‘Your eyes are intense.’  He continued, ignoring the boss.  They gazed at each other.  His eyes were a bright, surprising blue, ‘Or are you just looking like that because you want me so much.’
Jessica laughed.
‘My goodness, so sorry did I speak out of turn?’
‘Well, a little.’  Jessica smiled, relaxing.
‘In that case may I occupy my mouth in another way for the remainder of our time together?  I would like to continue to enjoy your company but I fear I could easily speak out of turn again when faced with a woman with such grace.’
Jessica blushed, even as her cunt throbbed ravenously in its empty seat.  He stared into her eyes again.  He was pausing, waiting for her permission.  She knew that she could refuse if she wished.  She imagined his witty tongue on her teased cunt and wondered if it would be so talented writhing there as it was in conversation.  She was lost to the fantasy of it.  She could not resist and nodded, trying to block out the deep sigh from the boss at her side.  He dropped to his knees and shuffled forward.  His arms stretched behind her and reached for her fingers.  She held his warm, dry hands and squeezed as his breath whispered against her twitching sex.  Her clit seemed to lengthen as his soft wet tongue slipped against it, pushing down to meet him.  He ran the tip of his tongue around her clit, ensuring it was standing to attention and slicked before he focused the soft, firm muscle directly on her.  Her clit was so hard against him.  A tingling sensation rose through her groin and into her belly.  The skin across her belly felt taught and stung as if whipped by a belt.  His tongue began to flicker fast and gentle, seeking out her most sensitive spot as if he was homing in on it.  Her buttocks tensed against her seat, she thrust her breasts up and out to the ceiling.  Her nipples crinkled into hard pellets, her mouth stretched wide in a silent scream.  She came hard and hot, pouring her juices down the cunt lapper’s chin and shirt in spurts as colours flashed in front of her eyes.  He ground his mouth into her hard, forcing more orgasms out of her as she hissed and spat wild and free despite the chains and cuffs.

He rose to his feet, stroking his damp beard.  He put his hand out and the boss handed him his top hat and gloves.
‘Thank you.’  Slurred Jessica.  Her tongue felt huge in her mouth.
‘I thought that was beautiful.’  He replied.
The boss offered the cash from Jessica’s chain and he took it swiftly but this time she couldn’t have cared less how much was there.
‘The pleasure was all mine, I assure you.’
‘I came so hard!’
The man in Victorian dress shrugged and put his hat on. 
‘Until next time.’

The boss was pulling her free of the saddle, trying to make her stand.  Jessica’s knees felt weak.  Her body was singing with sensation.  Everything looked beautiful, from the empty glasses shining on the bar to the silver legs of the bar stools that lengthened and distorted her naked reflection.  The boss led her behind the bar, supporting her weight.  He offered her a glass of water and a wooden stool.  She stared through the glass at the crystal aquatic sparkle of the clear liquid.
‘Isn’t water just so…so clear?’  She mumbled.
He squatted down and looked her in the face.
‘Have you any idea how much money you just lost me?’
Jessica giggled into her hand.
‘Have you, like, drugged me or something?  I feel weird.’
He shook his head and took her chin firmly.
‘I said, have you any idea-‘
Her mood seemed to collapse in on itself like an empty pie crust.  It was this boss’s fault.  The man with the talented tongue had left and it was this man’s fault.
‘I fucking heard you the first time!’  She shouted.
‘Don’t shout at me, I’m your employer!’
‘Get out of my face.’
Jessica threw the water into his eyes.  His features crunched up into a fist and he countered with a slap.  She fingered her stinging cheek, beneath her hair.
‘Come with me, bitch.  I’m going to make an example of you.’
He pulled her to her feet by her elbow and led her stumbling and still naked through the blue velvet curtain.   



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