Thursday, 16 August 2012

Erotic novel sample chapter: Chambers of Sin

I have a new writing project.  Here is the first chapter for your entertainment:

Chambers of Sin


‘On your knees, in front of me.’
I dropped and sat on my heels.  My knees stuck to the cheap laminate.  I bowed my head.  I noticed a flake of onion skin floating like an insect’s wing near the kitchen cupboard.  The edges of the PVC hood and jock strap that she had made me wear chafed pleasurably.  Beth stood before me; her feet set apart, a riding crop jutting out from her hip.
‘Entertain me.’
I spread my knees apart and gazed up at her, surveying her full, beautiful length.
‘Wank yourself, for me.’  She commanded, ‘Now.’
I slipped my fingers behind the tight, sticky fabric and stroked the smooth skin of my cock.  Beth lowered herself slowly against the worktop.  Her dark eyes scoured me.  She said nothing for exactly ten minutes, between 14.12 and 14.22.  I watched the white clock above the sink.
‘This is not entertaining.’
I shrugged and removed my hand, wiping my clammy palms on my straining thighs.
‘You are nowhere near orgasm.’  She continued, ‘What do we call that?’
‘Not good enough, mistress.’ I muttered.
Beth clicked behind me and I felt the lace of her corset scratch down my back as she squatted.  Her slim hand, tipped with blood red nails trailed down my chest and over my belly seeking my manhood.  I began to stiffen irresistibly.
‘I suppose you think that you deserve another round with the riding crop?’
‘Whatever your will may be, mistress, I endeavour to – ‘
Her grip tightened on my balls, my erection was rapidly growing and escaping from her fist.
‘You, in my bedroom in the next five minutes.  Understand?’
She swept out of the kitchenette, across the lounge and through a door into her bedroom.  This time, I wasn’t watching the clock.  I was confused.  Beth had never invited me into the bedroom.  As I had understood our arrangement, she was not a prostitute so why would she want me in her bedroom?  My erection bloomed, rubbing against the tight pants.  I walked as if in a trance to her bedroom and knocked.
I opened the door, slowly.  I had been coming for sessions twice a week for five months and I had never seen the room that lay behind this door.  The bed was a king size, the frame comprised of vertical, gunmetal bars.  The covers were black.  Beth had laid out two pairs of military grade handcuffs and two sets of chain gang style shackles on the bed.  I tried to swallow but my tongue had tried to ash.
‘Aren’t those types of restraints illegal to sell to the public nowadays?’
I had to force the words out.  I didn’t like where this was heading.  I hadn’t come here for sex, I had come here for my dose of pain.
‘I bought them before that stupid law came in.  They’re very hard wearing.’
‘Is that so, mistress?’  I winced, trying to buy time, standing half in and half outside of the room.
‘Shut up.  On your back, on the bed, now.’
I put my hands up in surrender.
‘Time out.’
She walked across to me and grabbed me by the shoulders.
‘Time out?’  She repeated, ‘Why, Mr. Chambers?  I haven’t done anything to you yet.’
I stood up to my full height and looked down at her.
‘I am the client and if I say time out then I want time out.  Don’t fuck me about or I won’t pay you.’
She took her hands away and rolled her black lined eyes to the ceiling.
‘What’s wrong, Mr. Chambers?’ Beth sighed, flopping down on her bed.
I sat down as far from her as I could, trying not to slide on the pillows.
‘I don’t want sex.  I want a dominatrix, not a prostitute.  I made that perfectly clear when I answered your advertisement.’  I asserted as much as one can assert through the unzipped slit in a PVC hood.
She crossed her legs beneath herself as though meditating.
‘I wasn’t going to give you sex.  I’m a professional, please try to trust me.’
I felt ridiculous, arguing with this woman in a plastic hood but I didn’t want to take it off.
‘I’m sorry mistress.  I know you are.’
She nodded and reached over to stroke my arm.
‘That’s right, Mr. Chambers.  Now, please try to be a good slave.  You’ll get much more out of our sessions if you learn to lose those inhibitions.’
‘Are you charging me extra for this therapy?’
She crawled toward me, smirking.
‘What kind of a question is that, slave?’
‘It’s a client’s question.  Answer me, please.’
‘Am I not worth extra?’  She jibed.
‘What kind of an answer is that?’
I stroked her long, shiny brown hair, running it between my fingers.
‘The answer of a mistress to her slave.’
The loss of any control I might have stolen over this situation to her made sexual energy thrill through me like a jab of a sword through my gut.
‘Lie down, like I told you in the first place.’
I did it.  I stared at the ceiling through the unzipped slits in the mask.  She clipped cold metal, tight around my wrists and ankles.  Her thighs gripped my ribs as she straddled me and they were damp with her juices.  I wriggled because I couldn’t help but mistrust her.  With a pussy as wet as that, anything could happen but I did not speak up.  She zipped my eyes shut.  Her weight disappeared from across my chest and she walked away.  I waited in darkness, listening to her heels clicking across the kitchenette.  Goose bumps tingled up the inside of my raised arms.
‘I’m going to brand you.’  She announced.
I jumped, rattling my chains.  I had not heard her enter.
‘You’re going to do what?!’  I shouted.
Panic flushed all over my spread body.
‘I’m going to brand you.’
I felt the mattress dip next to me as she lent against it.  I tested my bonds but they were secure.
‘You’ll have to kill me as well as brand me.  If I get out of these handcuffs, I’m going to slit your fucking throat and watch you bleed out on my shoes.’
‘I don’t think I like your attitude.’
Her knuckles bit into my cheek as she slammed her hand across my face.  I began to struggle ferociously.  My ankle bones were shot through with the agony of bruising, the rattling and clanking was unbearably loud.
‘You can’t escape, they’re locked, Victor.’
I knew that this was true but still I struggled.
‘Time out!  Time out!  I mean it!’
A sizzling sound, like the drip of fat onto a barbecue coal came from my right.
‘Oh, it’s hot enough, then.’
My whole body writhed.  I didn’t care about the crushing pain in my wrists and ankles.  The darkness closed around me like the inside of a giant’s fist.
‘Time out!  You bitch.’
‘No more time out for you.’
The sizzling again, this time closer.
‘Fuck!’ I screamed.
‘I think I will begin by branding your balls.’  She stated, calmly.
‘I’m going to fucking sue you for every penny.  I’m make sure you get a sadistic pimp who gives you clients with STDs whilst you live on the street.’  I babbled.
‘It may well make you impotent.’  She continued smoothly.
‘He’ll beat you senseless every morning so you can only get the meanest, ugliest clients.’
‘I’m going to do it now.  Please stay still and be quiet.’
‘The fuck I won’t.’
I made a last dire attempt to escape, almost pulling my elbows apart at the joint.
‘If you struggle, I might get your cock as well.’
My body seemed suddenly paralysed but I continued to roar out screams of terror.  As she applied it, the sensation was indeed unbearable.  An immense ache flashed up into my gut, splitting me in two.  My screams reached their most intense peak.  She held it there and held it there.  There would be nothing left of me.  I could see it in my mind, red hot and glowing, pressed against me. 

Then as suddenly as the sensation had started, it stopped.  She unzipped my eyes.  The first thing that I saw was a pan on top of a gas camping stove with a glass of water next to it.  I turned my head to look up at her, gaping in fear and agony.  Beth was grasping a large ball of ice in her fist.  It dripped down her arm and onto the bed, melted by my body heat.  The smile that sliced her face was pure evil.  I let out a gasp of humiliation.  It was all I could manage to whisper;
‘You bitch, you bitch, you bitch.’  Sharply, under my breath.
She dropped the ice into its mould and uncuffed me.  I sat as son as I was able and slouched miserably, my feet on the floor.  Beth sat behind me and wrapped her soft arms around me.  Her warm breasts pressed either side of my spine.  Her mouth was against my neck.  I felt an ache form in my throat.  I blinked back tears and bit my lip.
‘I’m sorry, Beth.’
She rubbed my arms, slowly up and down with her chilled palms. 
‘Mr. Chambers, I mean, Victor, if you need to cry, I…don’t mind.’
At this, I pulled off the mask.  Silent tears slid down my cheeks and tasted of salt between my lips.  I put my head in my hands.
‘I should have let go.  I should have trusted you, as you asked.’
‘It’s alright, Victor, perhaps I shouldn’t have done that to you yet.  I don’t usually do it so soon to my slaves.  It must have been a shock to you.’
I hunched my shoulder suspiciously.
‘Why are you talking to me like that?’
When I turned she was hugging her knees to her chest and she refused to look me in the eye.  I frowned at her.
‘If you really want to know why then meet me at three in the café down the road, tomorrow.’
I stared at her a bit longer but she did not shift.  It was clear that I was dismissed.  I went into the lounge and snatched up my trousers from where they had languished for the last two hours between the coffee table and the couch.  As I pulled them on, I kicked a pile of books off the cluttered table.
‘Shit!’  I hissed, stooping to pick them up.
‘Are you ok?’
I didn’t want to see her.  I just wanted to leave.  To scour the filthy weakness from my pores with a shower so hot that it will send me cooked lobster red.  Her head and shoulder popped around the doorframe.
‘You know…It’s ok Victor.  Please don’t run off like this.  Have some tea with me.’
I gave up on stacking the books and pulled out my wallet.
‘There’s your fee.’
I waved the money but she wouldn’t step forward so I put it under the ashtray.  The end of a spliff was degrading in filth, there.
‘It’s under the ashtray as usual.’
She disappeared into her bedroom.
‘Did you hear me?’  I called.
‘I fucking heard you!’  She screamed.
I didn’t see her but the bedroom door slammed.  I stared guiltily at the pile of books strewn over the floor and chewed my lip.  I sighed and pulled out an extra hundred punds for her.  As I closed the bed sit door behind me and headed down the stairs her voice echoed after me.  She was crying.

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  1. Hiya, really enjoyed your first chapter. Nice description of a kink scene with a good twist with the ice. I am also hooked to know what happens next and why she was crying and what will happen if he goes to meet her later. It reads well, although maybe it could be more sexual (titilating) before you move to the other room. Looking forward to reading the next chapter.
    Cheese, PDxx

    Some spotted typos and a comment for you:

    I tried to swallow but my tongue had tried to ash. SP?

    The loss of any control I might have stolen over this situation to her made sexual energy thrill through me like a jab of a sword through my gut.

    I sat as son as I was able and slouched SP?

    I sighed and pulled out an extra hundred punds for her. SP?