Thursday, 2 August 2012

Journal: Female Edging

Oh how I love to be edged!

The practise of teasing a woman almost to orgasm and then stopping, letting her calm down and starting again may seem counter intuitive to some. After all, don't women (and their partners) have to work hard to achieve a female orgasm? Isn't the frustration too much to ask any woman to bear? Well these are just some of the reasons that I love to be edged. I love it so much that at times when I have had no one else to edge me, I have edged myself.

In my tawdry scouting for internet porn on rainy Sunday afternoons, I tend to come across an awful lot of male edging porn, blogs and chastity information and devices. I find my search slightly more difficult when I get picky and look for female edging porn and sites. I may be a straight woman but I love this fetish so much that I will happily watch a woman do it to another woman (though i prefer to watch a male edger with a female edgee) for the sheer joy of watching a woman being edged. The fetish overrides the sex of those involved. I love imagining myself suffering in the place of the woman being edged, the tickle and spike of every feathery touch, the pulsing and swelling of the clit and the deep continuous ache for orgasm.
I have noticed that there seem to be several 'levels' of edging (at least with men being edged). There seems to be Tie & Tease which involves several close edges followed by an orgasm, Tease and Denial which involves teasing and edging without any release and then there's chastity play which involves the use of a chasitiy belt or device for short or long term wear. It seems that chastity play is often used in conjunction with cuckolding for the male cuckold to add to his desperation and humiliation. Another fetish that seems to be related to edging appears to be tickling, one of my own personal favourites!

I think that I have a good coping mechanism for dealing with physical pain. Sometimes, I think my coping mechanism is almost too good and my mind will take me off somewhere, out of the moment and out of my body. This can be really wonderful if that's what I need at the time. I mention this because I don't think I have any similar coping mechanism for an overload of pleasure. When I am being teased, I am right there in the moment, just me and him. All that fills my mind is the pull of the restraints on my wrists and ankles, the lift and fall of my chest and the pull between my legs, made so huge in my mind that if I open my eyes, I am surprised that my entire torso has not turned into a cunt. I love those moments just before orgasm where all experience centres to a tiny point of bright, hard light, my cunt lips weep for release and my clit writhes with a will of its own. I feel so truly alive in those moments.

So that's the metaphysical, onto some practical ideas which all require plenty of lube, saliva and patience (from both partners):
- Tie her down on her front, legs spread, prop her hips up with a pillow, then you can sit comfortably between her legs and stroke, massage and tickle her genitals without letting her come for as long as you wish.
- Get her excited and then tie her legs together and then work on what you can see/get to of her genitals and stimulate her body elsewhere.
- Put two pairs of pants on her with a vibrator on top of them and then another pair of pants to hold it in place. Tie her down and watch the show or stroke and tease her elsewhere.
- From cold, before arousal, stroke only the parts of her genitals that open up to you, only as they open eg. to start just the outer lips, then the inner lips, around the clitoris and so on. Wait until the clitoris is really hard and pulsing before touching it very gently.

What are your thoughts on edging? Do you have any other games you want to share that you play?

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  1. Rub mound, then outer, then inner lips for 15 mins. 5 long slow licks of clit. Ear nibbling, lick backs of knees, then 5 clit licks. Nipple suction, nibbling, whatever level she can handle for 10 mins. 5 clit licks. Keep ramping her up until she is soaking wet. Then use a soft paint brush to "paint" alphabet on her clit. Now grab the Eroscillator (which destroys Hitachi!!!!) and use on low speed until she is close. Back to slow paint brush strokes. Once you feel generous, Eroscillator on medium until she has 2 or 3 orgasms.

    Yeah, I've practiced a lot. Make your woman enjoy sex and you'll get a lot more of it, men!!!!